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Information for Lenk
Information for Men’s Winter Conference in Lenk 2017

What is the Men’s Winter Conference?
The International Baptist Convention men have held an annual conference in the form of a prayer and ski retreat for more than 10 years. The purpose of the conference is for men to have an opportunity to enjoy winter sports in the heart of Switzerland as well as be spiritually enriched through powerful preaching, teaching, praise & worship and prayer. For more information, see the flyer.

Why should I attend?
We encourage all men to attend this exciting weekend away to spend some quality time with the Lord and with one another. The seminars will help you draw closer to the Lord and equip you to be more effective as an ambassador for Christ. Apart from the excellent spiritual content, Lenk is the ideal place to enjoy winter sports!

Where is the conference held?
The conference is held at KUSPO (Kur und Sportzentrum) in CH-3775 Lenk, Switzerland.

When is the conference?
13 – 16 January 2017 (MLK Weekend)

What if I don’t do winter sports?
Because many of our men don’t do winter sports, we have provided two inspiring morning seminars for you to choose from, which are compelling alternatives to skiing even for skiers! Most of the skiers only attend the evening sessions but can also attend the morning seminars if they’re tired or only want to ski in the afternoons.
Fellowship activities for the afternoon may include hiking, snow-shoeing, Bergbahn sledding, or a cheese factory tour. These activities will be coordinated together with the Lenk Tourist Office, based on interest.

What is the accommodation like?
It is not luxurious! The rooms have between 4 and 20 beds in them and the men will be challenged to get out of their comfort zones! However, it’s worth it! Men draw closer to one another and a valuable dynamic of fellowship has been the fruit of roughing it out together.

For alternative accommodation / hotel that you can arrange for yourself, if you don’t want to stay at Kuspo, please check out If you will not stay at Kuspo, you MUST let us know!
We have an overall capacity for 220 men at KUSPO. Registrations will be received on a first come first served basis so that late registrations, should capacity have been reached, may be turned down. In other words, the earlier you get your group of men together the better.
What will it cost?

• Conference and Accommodation
The weekend costs €190.00 per man (Registration after 15 December 2016 is €210.00). This covers accommodation and meals as well as the conference costs.
Although the weekend is for young men and adults, boys up to the age of 16 will only be charged €160.00 (Registration after 15 December 2016 is €180.00). Please note that some topics may be of a mature nature so parental discretion is advised.
Cost for additional nights is €50.00 (you must let us know at the time of registration)
There is a cancellation fee after 15 December 2016, which is €50.00 (this is our cost/fee to Kuspo) However, registration is transferable.

• Ski Rental and ski pass
Ski rental and ski passes are NOT included in the conference fee!
Skis can be hired and obtained in Lenk. Ski passes cost approximately €60.00 per day. For those wanting to receive a group discount on their lift ticket, they will have an opportunity to purchase them together with others from the conference on Saturday morning.

• Toll in Switzerland
Traveling on the motorway/freeway in Switzerland requires a toll fee of approx. €35 per car so you are advised to travel with as few vehicles as possible. You may even consider hiring a van for your men to travel in together (transport is not necessary at Lenk where there are buses to the slopes and everything else is within walking distance).

We need to know in advance which of your men will need a pack lunch (included in price) on the Saturday and Sunday for those who will not be at KUSPO center for lunch on those days (i.e. those skiing etc). Please make a note in the registration form. Note: Lunch is not served on Friday, 13 January 2017. The 1st meal provided is dinner on that day.

How do I register?

Option 1: Register with your men’s ministry leader or your appointed local point of contact for the conference by 15 December 2016 and pay him directly. He will then collect names and money and register his group by 15 December 2016 and then send the total sum to the IBC bank account.

For group leaders:
Group registration may be done by clicking the button below. After entering the first registration, click on the button Continue Shopping. Add additional registrations until all men are registered. Go to the Checkout Cart when you can pay by Paypal (5% added) or bank transfer.

Option 2: Individuals can register online by clicking the button below and transfer the money directly to the IBC bank account or via PayPal.

Registration is not confirmed until the money is received.

IMPORTANT! The “Verwendungszweck” or “code” for money transferred to this account is:
“Men-LENK 2017”

IBAN: = DE28 5009 2100 0001 1622 33 [no spaces] BIC: = GENODE51BH2

Spar- und Kreditbank
Friedberger Strasse 101
D-61350 Bad Homburg v.d.H.

Contact: For more information, contact:
[email protected]

Download this document here

Make the Most of Lenk
Please remember to bring:

– Bible
– Valid Passport
– Money (Swiss Francs!)
– Snacks (traditionally all the men bring their favorite snacks to share at the conference)
– Shower sandals/slops/footgear
– Toiletries and towel
– Note pad and pencil
– Sunglasses
– Sunblock
– Camera

General Instructions

– Remember to purchase a Vignette (Swiss car toll) which you can do at the border, a gas station on the Autobahn near the border, or at an ADAC office.
– Please register in the Büro in Camp at Kuspo upon arrival! Registration from 13:00-18:00.
– You can reserve skis etc. online at but please be sure to mention that you belong to the “IBC Group”. When you collect your skis etc, you should receive a 20% discount when you show your name tag with the IBC ID that you will receive when you check-in at arrival at Kuspo.
– Ski Lift Tickets must be paid/picked up at the Lenk Tourist Center (Rawil Str.6) downtown
– Please appoint a man to be responsible for sweeping the room, collecting garbage and inspecting the beds before checking out.
– No food or drink in the rooms at KUSPO please.
– Bring all your favourite sweets, candy, potato chips and other healthy food to share. Please bring to the kitchen (Aula) in the school where the conference takes place (not at Kuspo).
– Skis to be put in the skis room in the basement of the Camp.
– A seminar room above the cafeteria at Kuspo is available for men to have a Quiet time from 6:30 – 7:00. Coffee will be available upstairs but is not to be taken into the cafeteria!
– Valuables can be placed in a safe in the Büro (where you will register).
– Please ask at the Office (Büro) at Kuspo should you want to swim in the Lenk public pool.
– The conference takes place in the “Aula” in the nearby school in Lenk near centre of town.
– The seminars and devotional takes place in the seminar room above the cafeteria at Kuspo.
– All meals are provided in the cafeteria at Kuspo.
– If you don’t want a lunch pack for skiing, you must let us know if you want lunch at Kuspo. Meals are only reserved for those who have indicated that they will not need a pack lunch for skiing!
– If you have a group of more than 5 men, you may consider taking a collection to sponsor some of your youth and other men.

KUSPO, Kurs- und Sportzentrum
3775 Lenk, Switzerland
Tel. +41 (0)33 733 28 23
Fax +41 (0)33 733 28 20
[email protected] |

In order to make the most of this great opportunity to be spiritually refreshed and to build on the blessings received, we would like to offer the following suggestions for you and your men:

1. Once you know which of your men in your church will be attending Lenk 2017 arrange to meet as a group, 1 or more times prior to the weekend.

2. If you have a large group of over 10 men, form small groups of 6 – 10 men.

3. Assign 1 or 2 leaders per small group who will be responsible for leading the small group meetings before, during and after Lenk. Your leaders will also be responsible for gathering the men together at Lenk and arranging a place to meet.

4. At the meeting/s prior to Lenk, we would encourage you to meet in your group/s to pray together and to connect with one another. For this purpose we would encourage you to perhaps do the following at the first meeting:
a. Provide snacks and drinks (always a winner for the guys!).
b. Collect names of those attending and provide name tags.
c. Divide the men up into small groups if you have more than 10 men. Consider age and nationality.
d. Introduce the leaders of your small groups.
e. Get into your small groups.

5. In your small group:
a. Open with prayer
b. Introduce yourselves (Who are you? Family? Where are you from? How long have you been attending the church? What do you do as a profession? etc).
c. Ask:
– What do you expect to get out of getting away with the men at Lenk?
– What do you think the benefits are of getting together with other men?
d. Gather prayer requests and pray for one another.

6. Subsequent meetings prior to Lenk can be used to do a short study on a men’s related topic such as “A Man After God’s Own Heart” or “Men of Prayer” etc. (if you need help with material please contact us).

7. At Lenk we would encourage your men to meet in their small group/s for:
a. combined morning prayer and devotional time before breakfast (rooms are available above the cafeteria/ breakfast area).
b. discussion and prayer after the evening session (rooms are available at the school where the conference is held as well as at Kuspo). The leaders should prepare some questions based on the material presented at the conference to help the men “chew” on the message.

8. After the weekend away at Lenk we would strongly encourage you to use the momentum created to meet regularly as men. We would therefore recommend that you have a fixed date planned already before you go to Lenk so that the men will meet again at least once after the weekend. At the follow up meeting you could do the following:
a. Provide snacks and drinks.
b. Open in prayer
c. Testimonies
d. Break up into small groups and ask:
– What did you get out of the weekend?
– How do you think we can keep the momentum created by getting away together?
– What kind of men’s meeting would you be interested in attending? (Men’s breakfast, men’s Bible study, etc)
– Pray

9. Invite a team from the IBC NewMen Ministries to come to your church to speak to your men and let us know if we can help you and your men in any way with recommendations for material, procedure to build purposeful men’s ministry etc.

We trust that Lenk 2017 will be a blessing to you and your men and we look forward to seeing you there!

Yours in Christ,

The IBC NewMen Ministries Team

Download this document here

Based on 2 Corinthians 5:17, “If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” IBC NewMen Ministries seeks to help men discover and know the liberating truth of their identity in Christ.

The International Baptist Convention’s NewMen Ministries seeks to promote men’s ministry by motivating, training and equipping men to lead an effective men’s ministry in their church.

Through workshops, conferences, seminars and retreats, NewMen Ministries provides opportunities for men to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ and to be empowered for effective ministry.

Our vision is to see every IBC church have an effective men’s ministry in place that will help men to become and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ, impacting their life, their family, their workplace, their relationships, and their church.

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