IBC CPAC to be held in Oberursel in October

May 31, 2017

The International Baptist Convention will be conducting a Church Planter Assessment in Oberursel, Germany, on 26-27 October 2017. This will be a great opportunity for church planter candidates already living in Europe to participate.

What is an Assessment Center?

An assessment center is an intensive two-day event staffed by trained assessors to encourage and observe church planting candidates. Candidates have the opportunity to preach, cast vision, work in team settings, and meet with counselors and assessors to prepare for the potential role as a church planter. Assessors provide a personalized and thorough assessment of the church planting candidates.

Why Assess Church Planters?

The purpose of an assessment is to reduce risk and increase church planting success. We use assessment to figure out each individual’s capacity to be the lead pastor on a planting team.

What are the Components of an Assessment Center?

  • Multiple, trained assessors are present to observe and assess.
  • The candidates work through a variety of simulations, exercises, and measurements such as MBTI and DISC.
  • The elements are developed based on the character qualities and job tasks that a church planter needs to demonstrate.
  • Teams of assessors interview candidates and each couple has a private session with a professional counselor.
  • Based on the intensive, multi-day process, the teams of assessors discuss, evaluate, and collate their findings.
  • At the end of the assessment center a recommendation is given to the church planter candidate.

What are the Possible Assessment Recommendations?

At the conclusion of the assessment center, each candidate couple (or individual) will have an exit interview and will be given one of these recommendations related to church planting:

  • Recommended for church planting.
  • Conditionally recommended for church planting after the candidate meets some assessment-center-determined conditions. Conditions could range from debt reductions to gaining church planting competence through study or internship.
  • Not recommended for church planting. In the exit interview, strengths, growth areas, and contexts for ministry will be discussed.

For more information or to register, please contact us at churchplanting@ibc-churches.org.

Darryl Evetts, Director of Church Multiplication

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