EBMI Expresses Thanks

Dec 5, 2017

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Thank you so much for your donation of 5,275.07 EUR for the church work in Turkey.  It is a privilege for us that the mission work in Izmir became part of the EBM International family in 2011.

In the beginning of the 20th century there were 3.2 million Christians in Turkey.  Today only 120,000 are left.  The Christian testimony became weak in this country where our faith entered Europe 2000 years ago.  Therefore your support for Ertan and Marlene Cevik is a special sign of encouragement.

The little church in Smyrna has many aspirations for the future:  being an inviting church for the people of their surrounding and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This is difficult today in Turkey as there is a quite hostile environment.

We support this work with all the project costs, the working budget, and the salaries.  Your support is a big help in all this and will be used according to your specifications.

Please continue to pray and support our mission work.


Remain blessed,


Christoph Haus,

General Secretary, EBM International

Ertan Cevik attended the IBC Annual Convention Meeting in Oberursel, Germany, this year.  He shared about the work he and his family are doing in Izmir (biblical Smyrna).  Joining Ertan and Marlene are their adult children, who have returned home to help with the work.

Like some of our IBC churches, Izmir is a city with lots of students.  Many of these students are coming to the church with questions about faith.  Some of these students become believers.  Nineteen people have been baptized this year

The church in Izmir is also trying to reach the business community.  One way they do that is through business breakfast meetings for Muslim businessmen.  In addition to a traditional breakfast, they share a message of hope.

Turkey is home to four million refugees — many from Syria.  The church is able to minister to the refugees by providing them with food packets.

Look for more information coming from the IBC Office on ways you and your church can participate in some of the projects in Turkey including a young adult camp in the summer.


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