Meet our Worship Leader: Nicola Muenster

Nicola was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1972 and raised in a Baptist minister’s family. She trained to become a registered nurse from 1990 to 1993, during which time she met her German husband Uwe. This led to her moving to the city of Bremen in northern Germany in 1993 where she has lived ever since. Today they have 3 children (two grown and one teenager).

Ever since her move to Germany, Nicola and her husband have been committed to IBC Bremen and she has served in various ministries as the church has grown and needs have arisen throughout the years . But, her greatest passion has always been to lead God’s people in worship through song. At a particularly challenging time in Nicola’s life, she discovered her ability to write songs and began to introduce them into the worship-life of the congregation. To her own amazement, God used these songs to bless and encourage many and He has opened up opportunities for her to record the songs and produce a couple of her own CDs.

Since leading worship at the IBC Ladies Conferences in 2016 and 2017, an idea began growing in her heart to form an IBC Ladies Worship Team.

The hope is, that this worship team will be made up each year, of ladies with musical gifts and talents from various IBC churches, bringing us together to serve the Lord and each other.

Please speak to Nicola if you think this might be an opportunity for you!!

Nicola looks forward to seeing God work through this new ministry for the glory of His Name and the blessing of all our ladies.