Darmstadt, Germany

May 31, 2017

Having fun and reaching out!

Converge International Fellowship, Darmstadt, Germany, held its first Board Game Night on Saturday, 25 March.

The organizers took over four inter-connected rooms at the top of the church building used each week for their Sunday services. Several tables were set up, each with a different board game. A valiant team of helpers provided snacks and drinks to sustain the players through the evening.

Nearly 40 people attended the event, around one third of whom were not regular church members. They enjoyed a wide range of games, including Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Galapagos, Camel Up, and Carcassonne. There were also several comfy sofas in the eating area where people just sat and chatted.

Most of the visitors were young adults living in Darmstadt or studying at one of the universities in the city. Apart from enjoying a fun social event, several meaningful conversations took place, particularly towards the end of the evening. Since the Board Game Night, two or three of the participants have also come along to church, meeting up again with their fellow games players.

“The event more than lived up to our expectations,” said Adam Williams, one of CIF Darmstadt elders. “We were excited to meet new people, who through this event found an English-speaking church in the middle of their city.”  He also expressed his gratitude to the many people within the church who had made the event possible.

A second Board Game Night is planned for the autumn.

Adam Williams

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