Freiburg, Germany

Dec 22, 2016

At Royal Family Christian Centre (Baptisten) in Freiburg, Germany, we thank God for all the wonderful, marvelous, and excellent things He has done for us.  By the special grace of God on 3 July, we moved to a bigger place of worship which can contain 250 people.  More people have been added to the congregation, including some asylum seekers.  We now meet on:

  • Wednesday evenings:  Alpha course
  • Friday evenings:  Prayers
  • Saturday evenings:  Leadership training
  • Sunday afternoons (2 p.m.-5:30 p.m.):  Worship service

We are reaching out to the Muslims in the Freiburg area by visiting them in their homes, teaching them about Christ, and sharing leaflets with many people in the streets.  We have a special emphasis called Acts 20v20, whereby we encourage every member to win at least 20 souls for the Lord before the end of the year.

Peprah Kwakye

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