Great Gidding, England

Sep 8, 2016

Note:  Several years ago, the Baptist church in Great Gidding, England, approached Grace Fellowship, Stukeley, England, with a proposal.  Great Gidding would deed the church building, parsonage, and property to Stukeley if Stukeley would hold a worship service there at least once a month.  Grace Fellowship agreed.  Since then, members of Grace have done considerable renovation on the parsonage and the property and have gone from having monthly services to having weekly services.  Eric and Karyn Gren began helping Grace Fellowship with the church in Great Gidding and on 30 July were inducted as the pastor at the church.  They write:

Karyn and I are delighted to begin our ministry here at Great Gidding Baptist Church. Great Gidding is a wonderful, small village set in the English countryside. The Baptist chapel was built in 1790, but we have been told that worship has been taking place here for 100 years prior.  We first felt God calling us to this place about three years ago, shortly after being introduced to the pastor of Grace Fellowship by our pastor at Sedge Fen Baptist Church, both International Baptist Convention churches. The induction service on 30 July  2016 brought together people from three special organizations — the IBC, Village Hope, and the Eastern Baptist Association, all who have played an important part in supporting this ministry. It was wonderful to see so many people attend the service from across England, Europe, and the village and from the church’s past.  We are excited to see what God has in store for the future. Please pray that God moves through the village, England, and the rest of the world.

Eric Gren

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