IBC Adopts EBM Project

May 31, 2017

The International Baptist Convention has been a member of the European Baptist Mission International for many years now and has supported the work of EBMI through its Global Missions Offering.  Now, under the direction of Director of Building Connections Scott Corwin and with the encouragement of EBMI, the IBC has selected one of EBMI’s projects to focus on — Turkey.  The hope is that this will be a many-faceted partnership with not only financial support but also active mission projects.

Since 2011, the small Baptist church in Izmir,  (biblical Smyrna) has been under the leadership of Pastor Ertan Cevik, EBMI missionary.  The church does not want to be known as an “underground” church and so it does not hide. Through its businessmen breakfasts, open-door days for university students, and refugee assistance programs, it tries to be a visible and helpful presence in the city.

There are actually two churches which meet in Izmir — a Turkish Baptist Church with 35 members and an Iranian church with close to the same number of members.  Cevik holds New Believers Courses for the Iranian refugees who are interested in becoming believers and being baptized.

From this small church, seven other churches in Turkey have been founded.  EBMI has helped the church in Istanbul rent a small conference room in which to meet; prior to that for several years, their church services were held in an apartment.

Syrian refugees still come to Turkey, especially after the recent events in Aleppo.  Last year with the help of EBMI, the European Baptist Federation (of which the IBC is also a member), German Baptist Aid, and other organizations, the Baptist churches of Turkey were able to give lunch bags, wood, coal, shoes, clothes, toys, and cosmetics to more than 10,000 refugees, mainly in Adana and Izmir.

The small churches in Turkey can use your help.  Begin to plan now for ways that you might be able to help.  They need help with a youth camp and their first convention and evangelism meeting as well as financial support for room rental and salaries.

For more information, please contact the IBC Office at admin@ibc-churches.org.

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