Lubbock, Texas, USA

Sep 8, 2016

A Bible study on Saturday evenings at International Christian Fellowship, Lubbock, Texas, is mainly attended by Chinese visiting scholars. These are university professors who are staying one year in Lubbock. This group invites others, so there are often new people attending on Saturday evenings and worship on Sunday. Chris, a member of our leadership team, leads the Saturday study. He is shown in the picture in the blue shirt on the left. Chris was born in Bolivia to a Bolivian father and an American mother and moved to the U.S. as a child. He grew up atheist but married Angie, who was a Christian, and later himself accepted Christ. He is devoted to the study of Scripture, and he and Angie have two children. They are one of our many young families; approximately 20 children ages 10 and under attend the ICF.

Lubbock ICF’s diversity is seen in our worship team: Guitar and vocal: Lap (Vietnam Jarai) and Paul (American expatriate who lived in Korea and Thailand); Vocal: Ni Wang (China); Bass: Aldo (Brazil); Drums: Prince (Dubai); and Aaron (American Hispanic).

Al Gary

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