Women’s Ministry Creates Facebook Group

Dec 5, 2017

One of the challenges we face as an international group of Christian women is finding a way to stay connected even though we are separated by great distances. During our planning session, the IBC’s Women’s Team looked at how we could help IBC Women stay connected. In an effort to stay in communication across these great distances, we have created a closed Facebook group entitled “IBC – Doing Women’s Ministry Together.”

Our hope is that this group will be a place for us to stay in touch. It will also serve as a venue for women to post ministry questions or ask advice from others in the group as they encounter concerns and challenges in their work within the women’s ministries of their local churches. Group members may also post and share ideas and approaches that have been fruitful within their ministries. We will periodically post articles and videos related to women’s ministry to inspire and encourage you.

To join this closed group, please search for the group by its name and submit a “request to join.” The picture here is the opening picture on the group page and has the name written exactly as it is listed. You will be prompted to answer a question. When your request is approved, we would love for you to introduce yourself to the group and let us know what church you call home!

Trace Odom

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