Antwerp, Belgium

Oct 23, 2017

IBC General Secretary Visits

On 11 June, Antwerp Christian Fellowship, Belgium, hosted a breakfast in the inner courtyard at De Stroming as part of a visit by IBC General Secratary Jimmy Martin. Alongside the ACF elders, Jimmy addressed a group of ACF ministry volunteers and leaders, sharing on the broader vision of the IBC affiliation and how each affiliated church occupies a unique position within the IBC family. After the breakfast, Jimmy shared an encouraging message on the first churches, as described in the Bible, as models for the modern church.

David Hamburger


Youth Group Growing

We have seen God building up the ACF family in His unique and wonderful ways over many years. One such way is through leading more people to His flock. This growth has especially been noted across the various children’s ministries. But, one ministry seems to be bursting at the seams, and for many this may come as a bit of a surprise: the ACF Youth Ministry has recently sent more than 20 youth to participate in an international summer youth camp. This is an impressive number for a church with an adult attendance of approximately 200 people. And the youth have certainly started to make their presence known by heading up fundraising initiatives, including developing ACF’s very first merchandise — custom branded bags, wrist bands, and t-shirts. We recently saw several youth testify of God’s redemptive power in their lives; and there is an energy and excitement about them that is palpable.

The Youth Ministry is led by a leadership group that have shown their passion for the ministry in truly unique ways. This eclectic and energetic group is composed of an impressive cross-continental representation: from Ecuador (Andrea), and the US (Tiffany), across the Atlantic to Gambia (Edward) and Nigeria (Dimma), over to the sub-continent of India (Tanmay) and back around to Belgium (Daniel). This is a microcosm of the multicultural nature of ACF at large.

Byron-Mahieu van der Linde


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