Church Staff Openings

The following IBC member churches have staff openings:


International Baptist Church of Sofia, Bulgaria: Senior Pastor




Position Seeking: Senior Pastor

The International Baptist Church of Sofia is seeking a Senior pastor to shepherd our multicultural flock in Sofia, Bulgaria.  The position is fulltime and requires living in Sofia.

The International Baptist Church of Sofia is a gathering of evangelical believers in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is our desire to see our church not only as a spiritual home for expatriates while they are in Sofia, but a church that receives believers, disciples them, and then sends them onto their next destination, better prepared to be salt and light in that place.

Care for the flock that God has entrusted to you. Watch over it willingly, not grudgingly—not for what you will get out of it, but because you are eager to serve God. Don’t lord it over the people assigned to your care, but lead them by your own good example. And when the Great Shepherd appears, you will receive a crown of never-ending glory and honour. 1 Peter 5:2-4

When we consider the type of pastor we want for IBC Sofia, we are guided by the verse above and the idea of “shepherd leadership”.

We want a shepherd pastor who will lead us.

We need a goal or vision.  We need to know where we are going and why we are going there.  We need help to develop this vision, to get everybody on the same page and for the church members to all own and be motivated towards achieving this vision.  We then need the process to be managed along the way so that we stay on track.

We want a shepherd pastor who will develop us.

We want a pastor who will help us to discern where we are lacking and then to help develop us towards becoming more Christ-like.  We want someone who can teach and preach God’s word powerfully and faithfully so that we know what God wants of us.  We want a shepherd who will model a godly lifestyle and show us what Christlikeness looks like.  We want a shepherd who will coach us – encourage us, cheer us on and correct errors so that we become all that God would have us be.

We want a shepherd pastor who will care for us.

We want a shepherd who will seek to know us and connect with us.  We want a shepherd who will provide for us and protect us.  We know that this doesn’t mean that our shepherd pastor will do all of this himself, although he will model healthy discipleship, but rather put into place processes to ensure that we, as a church, are caring well for one another.

Application Procedure
An Application Pack and an Application form can be downloaded through IBC Sofia’s website by going to:

Applications should be submitted via email, using the Application form downloaded from the website. Please email completed Application Forms

If you should have any trouble downloading the Application Pack or the Application Form, please contact us using the above email address.

If interested persons would like a short (15 minute) conversation to determine if it is appropriate for them to apply, please email the above email address to request this. This is particularly important for those for whom English is not their first language, as clear verbal communication in English will be a key criteria.

Closing Date & Interviews
The closing date for receipt of completed applications is Friday, May 5, 2023.

Shortlisted applicants will be notified by Friday, May 10, 2023..  At this time, they will be offered a Zoom call with one or two members of the IBCS pastor search committee to answer any questions they may have.  This is not an interview but rather an opportunity for the applicant to receive answers to any questions they may have. They will also be asked for their references.  All references will be checked prior to interview. Interviews will be then arranged by the Pastor Search Committee with shortlisted applicants.

IBC Sofia will treat your application as private and confidential. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email.

Posted: 28 March 2023

International Baptist Church of Vienna: Senior Pastor
Position Seeking: Senior Pastor

The International Baptist Church of Vienna (IBCV) is a Bible-believing church based in the city of Vienna, Austria.

We are associated with the International Baptist Convention and Austrian Baptist Union. We are an ethnically and culturally diverse church with over 20 different nationalities coming from various Christian backgrounds. Our membership is very transient, with some staying a few months to long-term residents of Austria. All our activities are conducted in English, though most members have English as their second or third language. Our regular activities such as Bible studies, home groups, prayer meetings, seniors, young adults, Sunday school & Women‘s group cater to different ages of our congregation. Around 60 regularly worship on Sundays alongside our weekly guests who are mainly visiting Vienna as tourists. Our aim is that all who come to IBCV receive a warm welcome, experience God‘s Love, and be able to grow spiritually.

The IBCV is looking for a Senior Pastor who has the following:

  1. Required Skills and Experience
  • A minimum, graduate of seminary or equivalent (preferably from Baptist seminary)
  • A minimum of 10 years of ministry experience with at least 5 years as leading pastor
  • Experienced and gifted in preaching and teaching the Word of God,
  • Fluent in spoken and written English with excellent communication skills.
  • Willingness to learn German (basic)
  • Experienced in working within a cross-cultural environment so comfortable interacting with all peoples
  • Experienced in developing and supporting different ministries within the church, thus exhibiting strong leadership skills.
  1. Personal Characteristics
  • Called by God and spirit led with a vibrant personal Christian faith
  • Has a passion for studying and sharing the Word of God with strong prayer life.
  • Possess the qualifications and qualities described in 1 Timothy 3: 1-7, Titus 1: 5-9, 1 Peter 5:1-3 and Acts 6:4
  • Is able to discern the needs and challenges of the congregation
  • Is able to give wise, Biblical counsel
  • Loves and enjoys being with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, and intentionally builds relationships with everyone, thus displaying compassion and a servant-hearted attitude.
  • Team player with the ability to encourage and motivate others
  • Is honest, trustworthy, humble, approachable, self-motivated, and energetic
  1. Main Responsibilities Include
  • Preaching on Sundays & help coordinate Sunday Worship service
  • Coordinating with church’s ministries
  • Conducting weddings,  baptisms, and funerals
  • Teaching in various groups eg. bible studies, membership classes, baptism classes, and premarital classes
  • Visiting church members and sick
  • Member of the leadership team, with emphasis on offering spiritual counsel
  1. What We Offer 
  • A loving and lively church family
  • An apartment (rent-free)
  • Partial financial support, which includes health insurance
  • Public transport ticket for Vienna
  • 25 days annual leave pro rota
  • Help with relocation costs & visa applications
  • Continual development of skills by the attendance of seminars/training courses
  1. How to Apply

Please send your application to with the subject line “Pastor Application” including the following information

  • Resume/CV
  • Personal statement

Closing date: 31 March 2023

It is anticipated that the first round of interviews (via zoom) will take place in April / May 2023.

Posted: 9 February 2023

International Baptist Church of Manila, Philippines: Senior Pastor




Position Seeking:

The International Baptist Church of Manila (IBCM) is in need of a senior pastor, a man of vision and faith, with a commitment to the word of God and to the expansion of the Kingdom, with a heart to love the people and lead the church toward fulfilling its vision to continue to be a mission-minded church and a witness to the nations gathered in Makati, Philippines. The church is situated in a unique situation that is advantageous to reach out to people from around the world living in Manila, and people from the Philippines who live nearby.

This Opportunity Profile is a description of the position. If you are interested in applying, you may do so online by sending your resume to the email address at the end of the profile.

The Church
IBCM was begun in 1959 by the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, USA. It has had a rich history of evangelism, church growth, meaningful ministry to the international community and to Filipinos living nearby. Over the years IBCM has been a church-planting church and a mission-focused church. IBCM was one of the early pioneering churches in Southern Baptist work in the Philippines and it has started over 25 churches in the Metro Manila area, many of which have continued to start other churches as well, multiplying the spread of the gospel.

The church has a full Sunday program with Bible studies for young children through adults, and with many small groups that meet at different times through the week. At its highest attendance, about five years earlier, it was averaging over 400 per Sunday. In today’s post-Covid world, the church is rebuilding, and averages around 200 on Sunday. Its mission work, however, remains strong and it currently is supporting over twenty church starts across the nation. The international work especially has suffered during Covid, but the church’s ministry among young Philippine professionals has continued to be very strong.

The church is a very active member of the Luzon Convention of Southern Baptist Churches. A unique trait of the Philippines is that many American denominations, when they began their work here decades ago, chose to retain the same denominational name as their USA sponsoring mission group. The Philippines is the only other country in the world that has churches and conventions that are called “Southern Baptist.” This is a brotherly affiliation and Philippine Southern Baptist Churches are not member churches of the Southern Baptist Convention, USA.

However, IBCM is an exception to that, because, due to its international status, it is also a member of the Hawaii-Pacific Baptist Convention and, thereby, a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, USA. The associate pastors, in the absence of a senior pastor, attended as voting messengers the Southern Baptist Convention in 2022.

The church has a good structure in committees, church councils, and ministries. It also sponsors Spurgeon School, an English speaking school for K-12.

The International Community
IBCM facility is in Makati, a prime real estate section of Manila. Makati has a population of 629,000, and is the nation’s financial district, as well as headquarters for many international businesses and embassies. The nearby neighbors of the church include the embassies of Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, China, Argentina, Angola, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Korea, Spain, and many others. Google says:
Makati is a city in the Philippines’ Metro Manila region and the country’s financial hub. It’s known for the skyscrapers and shopping malls of Makati Central Business District, and for Ayala Triangle Gardens, an area dotted with trees and sculptures. Ayala Museum houses the Filipinas Heritage Library and craft collections documenting the country’s history. The Rizal Monument is a memorial to national hero José Rizal.

Metro Manila consists of several other cities, as well as Makati, and has over 13.5 million people. With a national population of over 100 million people, this means that at least one out of every nine Filipinos lives in Metro Manila. Makati is also home to the Makati Medical Center with many excellent doctors, hospital treatments, and highly advanced medical diagnostic and treatments. The church facility is only about 1 kilometer from Makati Medical Center.

Makati is the home to the Philippine business community and the international community. The population density is 21,000 people per square kilometer, compared with the USA nationwide average of 36 people per square kilometer, and even New York City is only 10,500 people per square kilometer, so crowdedness is a reality of the city. Which means there are more people nearby to reach for Christ. The International School of Manila is only five kilometers from the church.

The Job Description and Qualifications
The Senior Pastor will be the servant leader of the church, serving the Lord in the traditional role of senior pastor: proclaiming the word of God, caring for the people, and leading the church to fulfill its God-given mission. His duties include the following:
• Preaching Sundays in the English worship service(s)
• Overseeing the church staff, helping them to fulfill their responsibilities
• Overseeing the associate pastors, whose job assignments include missions, outreach, education, and discipleship
• Working with the music team, AV team, and associate pastors, plan the worship service each Sunday
• Reach out to lost and churchless and lead them to Christ and help them find a place in IBCM
• Alongside the program leadership and associate pastors, organize and teach in training and equipping programs for the lay people of the church
• Attend Church Council meetings and other committee and ministry meetings
• Be available to the members and regular attendees for counseling and encouragement, to visit hospitals, homes in bereavement, and to perform funerals, wedding, and other important life events as opportunities and need arise
• Provide pastoral support to the church members and regular attendees
• Represent the church for the Luzon Convention of Southern Baptist Churches meetings
• Represent the church for the Hawaii-Pacific Baptist Convention Meetings
• Alongside of the other leaders, plan a year’s program of ministry
• Attend the Board of Trustees meetings

No written job description can identify in detail all that any pastor will need to do. There will be many other opportunities and needs that spring up from time to time that this brief paper cannot anticipate.

Qualifications: All candidates should be comfortable with the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message of the Southern Baptist Convention, USA. They should have a degree in Christian ministry from a recognized Christian university or seminary. It is preferable that they have served as a senior or lead pastor of a Baptist church for at least five years, and that they are over forty years of age. The top five personal skills or ministry strengths desired are, in order of importance: (1) Biblical Preaching; (2) Relationship Building; (3) Teaching; (4) Leadership; and (5) Counseling.

An important trait of leadership in international churches is commitment to the Word of God, while retaining flexibility in non-essentials. The pastor needs to know how to balance these two in ministry.

If you are interested, you may send your resume or CV to the current interim pastor, Dr David Packer, at

Posted: 1 March 2023

IBC Zürich: Pastor

Position Seeking: Pastor

The International Baptist Church of Zürich (IBCZ), an English-speaking Christian fellowship located in Rüschlikon, Switzerland is seeking a man of God as a full-time pastor.

We are a family-oriented elder-led church with a congregation drawn from numerous countries, cultures, and denominational backgrounds. We have a weekly attendance of between 80 and 100 that come from all over the Canton of Zürich and the surrounding regions. At IBCZ, the applicant must be prepared to servant-lead, work, and walk alongside a plurality of lay elders as a fellow elder. The elders work together and are supported by the diaconate and various ministry leaders.

Required skills and experience:

  • Baptist-ordained pastor
  • Holds a Masters of Divinity degree (or equivalent) from an accredited seminary
  • A minimum of 10 years of ministry experience
  • Pastoral experience in at least two churches, including one senior/solo pastor position
  • At least one pastoral position in an international church
  • Experienced and gifted in preaching and teaching the Word of God
  • Fluent in spoken and written English with excellent communication skills
  • German language level A1 (written) and B1 (oral) prior to the start of the position. For more details on the CEFR levels please refer to IBCZ can provide support in obtaining these qualifications

To visit the church website and find more details about the pastor position, please visit:


Posted: 1 March 2023

Immanuel Baptist Church, Madrid, Spain: Senior Pastor
Position Seeking: Senior Pastor

Immanuel Baptist Church (IBC) is an English-speaking International congregation in Madrid, Spain. The church is 61 years old. Today IBC serves as church home for people from over 40 nations. Because it is English-speaking in a non-English-speaking country, the congregation embraces people from different denominations, who also come from a variety of cultures and socio-economic levels. The attendance was averaging just over 500 people each Sunday in the pre-Covid world, though we have not quite returned to that level. The church relates to both the International Baptist Convention (IBC) and the Spanish Baptist Convention (UEBE). We seek to glorify God as we know Him and make Him known through our spheres of influence in Madrid and around the world.

Each Sunday in our services you can find university students sitting next to international business people, sitting next to immigrants, sitting next to embassy employees, sitting next to teachers or missionaries, who are sitting next to Spaniards.

Our church seeks to be a “modern-day Antioch” that gives testimony to the grace of God through cross-cultural ministry, Christlike living, intentional discipleship and church planting. As we look out over the people in our congregation we cannot help but wonder about all the plans God has for us with this unique combination of languages, experiences, passions and cultures. We long to find where God is working and join Him. At this point in the life of our church we are looking for a senior pastor who will come work alongside us as God makes His vision for our church a reality.


The senior pastor will oversee the mission, vision and strategy of the church as a whole and translate this to the vision and strategy of the different church ministries.


Above Reproach (Titus 1:6-9; 1 Tim 3:2-7), Committed to a biblical gospel (Rom. 1:16, Acts 20:24, Php. 3:7-9, Gal. 6:14),

Referred complementary profile

Cross-culturally sensitive, at least 10 years previous ministry experience, people-centered strategic thinker, seminary degree, married with children

If you think this is you and need more information about Immanuel Baptist Church and the position, please go to


Posted: 25 August 2022

The following staff openings are from churches which are not member churches of the IBC:
ICF, San Pedro Sula, Honduras: Lead/Interim Pastor

International Christian Fellowship (ICF), San Pedro Sula, Honduras,  is looking for a pastor or interim to begin in January 2023. ICF is an interdenominational English-speaking fellowship of Christian believers working and living throughout Honduras. It is a refuge and an oasis for Christ-centered worship. The small membership includes local believers as well as believers from many other nations. While our focus is to provide a church family and place for spiritual growth for English-Speakers, we also strive to be a beacon of Christ’s light to the struggling community surrounding us.

The pastor of International Christian Fellowship’s role is to provide spiritual leadership to the congregation, preaching and teaching God’s Word with grace and truth, supporting unity between interdenominational believers, and challenging the congregation to a life of discipleship. He lives an exemplary life of servant leadership, spiritual discipline, and purity. He exhibits cross-cultural flexibility and understanding. He collaborates with the elders and ministry teams to fulfill the vision of the church. He shepherds the flock through visiting, encouraging, equipping, and counseling, etc.  He encourages and equips the body to be active participants of ICF ministry teams. He emphasizes community outreach – training, discipling, and mentoring members to serve and share their faith. He is a good communicator and possesses administrative skills.  He provides leadership in worship services, ministry teams, and other administrative tasks.

For more information, go to
To apply, please send a cover letter and CV to


Posted: 3 November 2022