Church Staff Openings

The following IBC member churches have staff openings:


International Baptist Fellowship, Bratislava, Slovakia: Pastor

Position Seeking: Senior Pastor

Job Description
The International Baptist Fellowship – an evangelical, English‐speaking church based in Bratislava, Slovakia – is seeking a Pastor to shepherd and spiritually lead, nourish & care for the international (more than 18 nationalities) flock.

With a passion for Christ’s church, applicants should be university graduates with previous ministry experience, and ideally seminary or other theological training.

Entering a multicultural, interdenominational environment, the ideal candidate will be familiar with the unique traits of an international community, and demonstrate a calling to faithfully build and lead the church.

Fluency in English is a must.

Contact Email: [email protected] – church administrator

Church Website:

Posted: 30 September 2020

IBC Sofia, Bulgaria: Pastor

The International Baptist Church, Sofia, Bulgaria, is looking for a pastor to lead our multicultural, English language fellowship. 

Evangelical in doctrine, with good pastoral skills such as: preaching, empowering, and pastoral care, are required.  International experience is a significant advantage for personal well-being and relevant, effectual ministry. 

To receive more information, send a CV or resume to: [email protected].   Position is available as early as September 1, 2020.  

Posted: 26 May 2020

Antwerp Christian Fellowship, Belgium: Pastor

We’re Hiring

Posted: 14 September 2020

Calahonda IBC, Spain: Pastor (interim or long term)


Calahonda International Baptist Church is an IBC church located on the southern coast of Spain, between the City of Marbella and Malaga. Due to its location in one of the world’s major holiday destinations, CIBC has a significant ministry to visitors, who normally make up more than half of its typical attendance. The church family includes more than a dozen nationalities, with British and Irish the largest representation. While the Sunday morning services are often well attended, the core group of people who live on the coast and call CIBC home is around twenty people. The church also has a steady flow of largely unchurched people who join us regularly, and there is great potential for a person with discipling skills to develop this needy part of the work.

CIBC is looking for someone who is a strong discipler of people, who feels comfortable leading small groups and pouring himself into individuals. Secondly, we need someone with organizational skills. And thirdly, we are looking for a person with a team oriented philosophy of leadership, that is, that they see themselves as the full time elder on a team of elders and deacons, some of whom are themselves in full-time ministry elsewhere. Previous cross cultural experience is preferred. There are more women than men in our congregation, and we would anticipate the pastor’s wife playing a significant role in the church. Teaching, counseling, and hospitality are great needs.

The church has no staff and has not had a permanent pastor in many years, and is in many ways an ongoing church plant. The position is self-funded, though we have historically been able to provide for ministry expenses. We are looking either for an interim pastor who could give at least six months of ministry to the church, or a longer term minister who could commit to at least two years.

The church’s website is

Email contact: [email protected] & [email protected]

Posted: 17 August 2020


The following staff openings are from churches which are not member churches of the IBC:
Kathmandu International Christian Congregation, Nepal: Pastor

Kathmandu International Christian Congregation

Our vibrant church community at the ‘top of the world’ is seeking a pastor. The position is vacant now and the successful applicant will be able to take up the position as soon as visa formalities are completed.  

For more information click here

Deadline: 30 November 2020

Posted: 21 August 2020

Kathmandu International Christian Congregation, Nepal: Pastor

The Sousse Church, Sousse, Tunesia

Here is a unique opportunity for ministry in the 10/40 window, with the possibility to directly impact people in a closed country. It is a small church in the city of Sousse, Tunisia. Tunisia is a French and Arabic-speaking country with a relatively low cost of living. The person who takes this position will need to raise their own support.

Naturally, it should be that one feels the Lord’s calling to whatever posting, wherever He directs. Please read the Opportunity Profile for more details and who to contact information. Feel free to refer this on to anyone who might be interested.

Posted: 21 August 2020