Bratislava, Slovakia

Apr 21, 2021

Gerhard Venter, pastor of Bratislava Faith Community, Slovakia, is a real handyman and loves the challenge of making things.  So, when Slovak regulations required preaching in a mask or having a separation, Gerhard got to work.  He designed and built a home-made window of perspex with a wooden frame.  This allowed him to preach without a mask, yet protect the few “helpers” needed for the service.   

This particular message was prior to the baptism of Martin, a registered blind man who had come to faith, and streamed on YouTube.  The baptismal pool was set up in the entrance lobby.  It was too cold on the lawn outside – the usual location.  We could not have done this had the congregation been present as it partially blocked the door. 

During the pandemic, we started broadcasting on Zoom, then went to YouTube, but we are now back on Zoom because we like the interaction that Zoom allows.  Currently we have attracted former members from Greece, and family members from U.K., South Africa, Philippines, and Indonesia.  This pandemic is certainly giving opportunity that we would not normally have and hence my next question. 

One of the things we would value from a bigger church with real techies is what is the basic kit that is needed to make a better professional job of broadcasting our message, as well as some basic guidelines on how to use the new technology. Is it possible for a techie in one of the churches to write such an article and put it in the magazine?  I am sure we are not the only church who would value this.  A few examples of best buys would also help. 

Pete Miller

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