Bratislava, Slovakia

Sep 13, 2021

After nearly seven years at Bratislava Faith Community Gerhard and Joan Venter have retired from full-time ministry and returned to South Africa.  On their final Sunday, 27 June, a picnic lunch was held in the church garden following the morning service, and suitable words and gifts were given.  They have only managed to get to their home this week having been detained in Johannesburg because of the high Covid incidence in the Jo’burg area.

In a virtually seamless transition (thank you Lord) three Sundays later we welcomed Nick Gagnon from the U.S., via Hong Kong to be our pastor. Unfortunately, daughter Julia was unwell and so Nick’s wife Amanda and Julia had to wait a week for their formal welcome.  Nick’s induction was carried out by the General Secretary of the Slovak Baptist Union Ben Uhrin.   A pre-recorded message was also sent from IBC General Secretary Tim Faulkner.  As is usual in our Baptist circles another picnic lunch in the garden was held!

We continue to look to the Lord with excitement as we anticipate what He has in store for us.

Pete Miller


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