Bratislava, Slovakia

Dec 8, 2022

At Bratislava Faith Community, we started a men’s discipleship meeting in September. We spent the summer sermon series looking at core foundations of following Jesus, and we are using the Scripture passages associated with this sermon series as a springboard to talk about discipleship.

We have seven men from five countries (and three continents) that have agreed to meet twice a month over the next year to talk about the content of discipleship while also talking about accountability and practice of this content. We invited each man to participate in this group on one condition: each individual is expected to pass this same discipleship mindset along to other people after our time together is complete.

Some of these men hope to be with our church for many years and some know they will only be with us for one, two, or three years. Our goal is not just to build a disciple-making mindset in our church family (though that is a goal within our church), but we actually hope to send out some of our best and brightest to pass along a disciple-making mindset to other people in other places around the world.

One individual is a university student, and we hope to see him discipling other students in the coming years. Two are teachers, and we hope to see them discipling other teachers. One wants to begin discipling those that are married with children within our church. Two others are young professionals that we hope to see begin to disciple other young professionals in the future.

This is a small effort from our church, but we trust that the God of the universe can use such small efforts to have lasting kingdom impacts not only in our church but around the world.

Nick Gagnon

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