Bremen, Germany

Sep 13, 2021

The pandemic and all the restrictions it has brought with it has not stopped a group of International Baptist Church, Bremen, Germany, students from reaching out with the gospel to the people of Bremen. Armed with masks and a passion for the lost, they have faithfully gone out onto the streets for a couple of hours each Sunday before our services at 16:00. Spearheaded by Marge Hintze and supported by Pastor Paul Grinyer and some of the “older” members of our church, they have shared with anyone they meet about the love of God in Christ Jesus.

As well as sharing the gospel from person to person, one of our students, James, in particular, sensed a real burden from the Lord, that the gospel must also be preached and declared. After much prayer and seeking God about this, a month of open-air services were held in the very heart and center of the city each Sunday in June.  What a joy and challenge it was to sing, testify, and preach the gospel in such a public place and see the various reactions to this message. While some would prefer us to be silenced, it was a privilege to interact with those who hung around listening and to even pray for some who came expressing needs.

Spurred on by the conviction that all men and women need to hear this gospel of grace and greatly encouraged by the recurring verse given “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking……I have many people in this city” (Acts 18: 9-10), the students continue to go out doing this very needed work. And the open-airs will be held again in the month of August. This time, we’ll move to the main train station – much prayer needed for this opportunity!

Nicola Münster

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