Brussels, Belgium

Dec 19, 2023


On 17 September, the International Baptist Church, Brussels, Belgium, held a service of thanksgiving for all of God’s goodness to IBC over the last 10 years since Pastor Roland Eskinazi moved to Brussels from South Africa with his wife Hanlie to lead the church. The thanksgiving message was given by James Hely Hutchinson, director of the Institut Biblique de Bruxelles, on Psalm 103 and remembering God’s grace and blessings. Elders of IBC, both present and past, looked back on the church’s life in the last decade and gave thanks for its diversity, unity, and flourishing under Roland’s leadership. They noted his many contributions from his faithful Bible-based preaching to his great sense of humour.

Roland himself reflected on God’s providence and enabling which had prepared and equipped him for this ministry. He stressed the importance of the teams that had supported him and the joy of living and serving in such a loving community. Hanlie gave specific words of encouragement to the children and also to those currently going through trials. A children’s choir and a Filipino choir were specially formed to sing at the occasion, and a number of former church members returned from abroad to join the celebrations. Afterwards, there was a church family photo and a light lunch with culinary delights from many of the more than 30 countries represented.  Soli Deo Gloria!

Julian Chapman


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