Inductive Bible Study: Kerstin Swart

“How can you embark on a meaningful exploration of the Bible? Delve into the inductive method with Kerstin Swart to unveil a methodological approach that goes beyond surface-level readings. By incorporating historical context, observation and the asking of good questions you can uncover Biblical truths that will lead you to deep application in your personal walk with the Lord. It’s a great way to get to the heart of the message. Let the Bible speak for itself. Get back to your enjoyment of the Word. Bring some colored pencils!”

Choose Joy: Naty Tully

“Walk in grace, and thrive in joy” is not merely a clever New Year’s resolution for me. It’s the background tune I long to dance to. I am weary from trying to keep the joy flame alive as hurry, hurt, anxiety, or hormones keep on snuffing it out. Doing more, only gave me less. My husband whispered at the end of a rough day “Sweetheart, choose joy.” And “choosing joy” has been my quest. 

I invite you to join me on a journey to rediscover joy in Biblical and practical ways. I come not as a Bible scholar with polished speeches, but as an everyday woman, a pastor’s wife with multi-passions, multi-responsibilities, and multi-struggles … yet with one single devotion, Jesus.

Women’s Ministry Panel Discussion: Antwerp Christian Fellowship Women’s Ministry Team

Please join us for a lively conversation about how to start and/or build a thriving women’s ministry in your local church community. Julie Johnson, pastor’s wife at Antwerp Christian Fellowship (Antwerp, Belgium), and the ACF Women’s Ministry Leadership Team will serve as our panel for this discussion. Together, let’s ask our questions and share in God’s grace as we seek to learn more about creating and building communities of women who consistently serve and seek God together.

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