Meet our Speaker: Naty Tully


I’m Naty. It’s short for Natalie to fit my size.

I am a citizen of three countries (mama says I’ve got to include heaven; four it is). Yet if you scratch me, I bleed Moldovan.

I’m an ESL teacher by trade, a pastor’s wife by day and night, and a writer at heart. 

Daughter of a Moldovan pastor who’s been in the ministry for 40 years. Wife of a godly International Church pastor on the mission field for 20 years. I come not as a Bible scholar with polished speeches, but as an everyday woman with multi-passions, multi-responsibilities, and multi-struggles … yet with one single devotion, Jesus Christ.

Our daughters we adopted from Romania, inspired my children’s book Patched, Our Adoption Story. My husband says I’m a lay singer (I say “lame singer” 🙂 ) and songwriter of scripturally based music on YouTube and Facebook with a following, striving to boldly expose Jesus online and offline. 

I’m energized by charting the Bible, writing, blogging, rainy days, and Godiva chocolate. My motto is Psalm 16:2, “You are my Lord, apart from you I have no good thing.”





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