Meet our Speaker: Lana Packer

Lana was born in the US and found Christ at an early age, and from the start of her Christian life God has placed the needs of the world on her heart. Together with David her husband, they have served in the Philippines for 8 years, Singapore for 12 years and now for 10 years in Germany. During this time, Lana has spoken around the world, counseling many, and authored a book: Women Making A Difference in Marriage

David and Lana call Stuttgart, Germany home now. When they are not in Stuttgart or traveling around the world ministering, they are with their three grown up children and their spouses and four grandchildren who are living in the United States.

In 2014, the focus of Lana’s ministry broadened as she became aware that there were more than 35.8 million sex slaves and this was happening in Stuttgart, Germany as well! In June 2014, Kainos-eV was officially organized, with a mission to end, reach, and restore victims of human trafficking. There have been so many life lessons while undertaking a ministry of this magnitude that apply to each of us.

• We can call on God’s name anywhere and He hears and He answers our prayers.

• Every woman and child has been created by God and He has a purpose for their life – a good purpose!

• Jesus like compassion is strong, bold, courageous, and disrupts the darkness in life-changing light.

My Mission Statement: “That my life would be focused on serving God’s purposes in the world so that His kingdom will be more firmly established wherever I go. In my dealings with people I want to be a source of hope, encouragement, friendship, loving and willing to serve. I will seek daily to be a deeper person walking each step with Jesus.”
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