Celebrating 65 Years of the IBC

Dec 19, 2023

As IBC General Secretary Tim Faulkner and the presidents were considering the theme for this years Annual Convention Meeting, they wanted to focus on celebrating God’s faithfulness to the Convention over the past 65 years.  They wanted to celebrate key things – things that matter the most.  And so they spent time considering the thing that are the focus and ministry of the IBC.  In the end they decided on four things:

  • God – without Whom we would have nothing.
  • Unity – one of our core values and important because of our diversity.
  • Church – as a Convention, we exist because of the local church.
  • Family – we are a family of churches and part of the family of God.

For this edition of Highlights, we have asked four people to reflect on these things and share their thoughts about Celebrating God and Unity and Church and Family.  We hope you enjoy reading these as well as reading about the ACM itself.

There is one final area – Participation.  This is our call to action for the coming year:  How will we engage in the mission and vision of the IBC – mobilizing and multiplying disciple-making churches?

Judith Lynn Maxwell, Highlights Editor

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