by Tim Faulkner

General Secretary

Celebrating Our Family

Dec 16, 2021

            As I look back at the recent Annual Convention Meeting in Kaiserslautern, Germany, I believe that we truly reached the goal of our theme: Celebrating Our Family. The feedback has been predominantly positive — both what was received at the conclusion of our meetings as well as conversations and emails from those who attended online or in person. “I have never had so many conversations at an ACM. It was wonderful!”, said one pastor. This comment reflects how much the relationships that we have in the IBC mean to so many of us.

            The ACM is a business meeting but it is also a time of worship. God is faithful. We celebrated His work in the IBC, and we also spent some time discussing some issues to address without breaking fellowship with one another. Whether you were present with us or are now able to read the stories and reports, I hope that you will be encouraged by all that was presented. Because I have an idea of how much effort went into preparing the ACM, I am grateful that the hard work paid off and thank the staff, the presidents, the entire ELT, and Faith Baptist Church for their good work! To God be the glory!

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