David Martin

David Martin

Multiplying Churches Strategy Director

About David

David has been the lead pastor of IBC Cologne since March 2013. In October of 2024, he was elected as IBC’s Director of Church Multiplication.

David Martin grew up in a pastor’s home in Laramie, Wyoming and came to faith in Christ as a teenager.

After graduating from the University of Wyoming, David married Kristen and began his studies at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife served for 2 years in Germany with the International Mission Board, after which David served 4 more years at Laramie Valley Chapel as the Assistant Pastor and Director of Music.

From 2013 to 2017, David led IBC Cologne through a revitalization process. In 2017, the church voted in a new constitution and installed elders a year later to help teach and bring oversight to the church’s ministry.

In 2018, David led IBC Cologne in planting its first church in Bonn. He continued serving as pastor of both churches until September 2019, when Stephen Campbell became the lead pastor in Bonn. In 2021, David led a second team out of IBCC  planted die Internationale Gemeinde Köln, a German-language church that was constituted in January of 2024 (www.ibc-cologne.com)

In 2016, David and a few members from IBC Cologne initiated the Aquila Initiative, a non-profit ministry dedicated to supporting churches and apprentice new leaders in church planting (www.aquila-initiative.org).

In addition, in 2023, David and Kristen established Prisca Publishing, which aims to collaborate with local church people worldwide, helping them create new ways to develop sustainable and reproducible ministry in their context (www.priscapublishing.com)

David and Kristen are blessed with five amazing children.

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