Darmstadt, Germany

Aug 19, 2020

Hi!  My name is Jason Sadler, and I am a member of Converge International Fellowship in Darmstadt, Germany. Back in March, I had the opportunity to lead a really amazing life group. It was a 10-week Bible study called Crazy Love by Francis Chan. It was a very intensive study about fully understanding God’s love for us and evaluating our love for Him in every aspect of our lives. It makes you question, doubt, re-evaluate, and confirm your walk with Jesus all at once. So, to say that I was nervous to lead such a deep study would be an understatement. Even more so because it was my first time ever leading a group!

After meeting for the first time it became very clear, that this was going to be an amazing 10 weeks. The group I got to lead was perfect! We all came from different walks and situations, but we all had one thing in common – we wanted to learn more about God’s crazy love. So, we jumped right in, wholeheartedly, transparently, and ready to receive. Week after week Chan’s study pushed us further and further past our limits, as we dug deeper and deeper into God’s crazy love. Due to corona regulations we met for many weeks through Zoom conferences. But throughout the week we would meet one-on-one to disciple and encourage one another to get us through these difficult times. It seemed like we just couldn’t get enough of each other. We grew closer and closer as a group and helped each other in every way we could. As soon as the regulations loosened up, the group was finally able to meet in person again. And let me tell you, it was so awesome!

This study has affected us all in so many ways, and it has made us want to share God’s crazy love by serving others. So, we decided to convert our Crazy Love small group into “Project Helping Hands,” a ministry of serving others in our community.

This past weekend we were blessed with our first project to help an elderly widow from our church. She had several things around the house that needed to be done that she just couldn’t do herself anymore. We had the privilege to come together as a group and serve her and to even reach out to some of her neighbors and tenants.  This was just the beginning of what we hope will be a blessing to our community, and we pray that we will have many more chances to serve others for the glory of our Heavenly Father.

Jason Sadler


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