Developing Resources: Coloring the Vision of the IBC

Dec 8, 2022

The mission of the IBC is at the heart of what God has called us to do – we exist to mobile and multiply disciple-making churches.  But, an integral part of the mission is the vision – the picture that moves us toward the mission and the future.  Our vision is to see a movement of global-minded churches that are reproducing healthy disciples, leaders, and congregations.  We illustrate that vision statement a bit further with seven dream statements.

 As we look at these dream statements, it might be easier to classify some of them to one of the core strategies.  But for the Developing Resources strategy I see us working to color in the picture of all the dream statements.

We dream of…

  • … stimulating churches toward mission advancement. We see churches intentionally and consistently sending members to live out the mission of the Gospel. We see churches working in partnership with one another and with other Great Commission organizations.

We love telling the stories of people being sent out from our churches with some returning to their home countries where doors may be closed to others.  We love sharing the stories in Highlights of News from Our Churches of what is happening and how we are working together.

  • … helping churches to keep their focus on making and multiplying disciples. We see churches being equipped to teach and train their members to be lifelong, loving, and loyal followers of Christ who are actively sharing their faith.

RightNow Media subscriptions for all our churches is one of the ways we do this.  The convention-wide subscription allows us to provide this resource to some of our smaller churches who could not afford it otherwise.  The media resource provides videos and training programs in a variety of areas.

  • … developing pastors and leaders in essential ministry skills. We see pastors and leaders equipped with knowledge and skill and filled with passion for Christ and love for His people. We see churches where Scripture is being preached and taught with relevance, power, and clarity.

When we initiated the IBC Residency program, we envisioned a program that would develop leaders from within our IBC churches.  In its initial years, the program has been just that – giving IBC church members an opportunity to see if full-time ministry is their calling.

  • … becoming a catalyst for strategic church-planting. We see churches praying for, contributing to, and supporting an ever-increasing number of church plants to reach people with the Gospel, blessing the communities and churches where they are located.

One of the areas we focus on is resource procurement.  We are seeking new ways of funding some of our ministries – including new church plants.

  • … nurturing a spirit of love that bridges cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, generations, politics, privilege, position, and religious backgrounds. We see churches learning to manage, celebrate, and leverage their diversity to become worthy examples of grace and peace, encouragement and unity, acceptance and compassion.

We know that IBC churches are different than national churches.  That is why we seek to find resources that meet the diversity found within our churches.  The Recommended Resources website page has resources that work.

  • … fostering fellowship and connections among pastors and churches. We see leaders and churches taking initiative to start and develop deep relationships with one another because they view themselves as utterly dependent on God and mutually dependent on one another.

One of the dreams of the Developing Resources strategy is to have a resource brokerage system or network.  It is something we’ve fondly called the IBC matchmaking program. We would like to match up church needs with other churches who can help them fulfill those needs.

  • … supporting churches in times of need and transition. We see leaders being assisted to help their churches take steps toward achieving and maintaining health and growth in their congregations.

Our IBC Resources page lists resources developed for IBC churches.  On this page, churches can find resources on financial systems, churches in transition, constitutions, and membership tracking.  New resources such as safe church procedures and emergency preparedness are planned.

by Judith Lynn Maxwell

Director of Resource Development

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