Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Apr 30, 2018

On 4 March, the International Baptist Church, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, held a special Community Connect. On this Sunday, extra activities were organized to create an additional opportunity for fellowship and building relationships. During the morning service, all members of our different worship teams collectively led us in worshipping our Lord and a guest speaker, Pastor Erik Nielsen from First International Baptist Church, Copenhagen, Denmark, preached the Word of God. After the service, an abundant fellowship meal was shared, in which church members contributed wonderful meals from their home countries.

In the afternoon, every one could choose from three activities. Erik Nielsen conducted a seminar on Worship, including topics such as What is Worship?, Why do We Worship?, How should We Worship?, and How to Lead Others in Worship? There was also a flower arranging workshop in which Jan Poot taught how to decorate a birdhouse with lovely flowers and greenery. This workshop resulted in a lot of laughter and the loveliest creations! Finally, the children could exercise their treasure-hunting skills in an outdoor quest in the streets surrounding the church. Directions and 27 sometimes cryptic questions guided the children through the biblical street names. The winning team answered 25 questions correctly — a great achievement!

All participants on this special day experienced the blessing of connecting to one another in a different setting.

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