Christian Leadership in the Workplace

God and Work, headed up by Roland Heersink, seeks to empower people in your church to be missionaries in their secular workplaces.  He is based right here in Europe and is able to come to your church and work directly with your people, training them to be leaders for the Kingdom in their workplace!  Their video says it far better than we can, so please check out the very short (3 min) video in the box on the left.

You can check out their website,, and even email Roland directly at [email protected] for more information!

Please let us know if you decide to get in contact with them, as we would love to hear how God empowers leaders in your church through this new area of ministry! [email protected]

Here is a link to their book:

Testimonial from an IBC church:

“In 2016, IBC Hamburg sponsored a day-long workshop called “God and Work.” We found it very helpful for people struggling to integrate their faith with their profession. In fact, I know of no other seminar “our there” that addresses the issue in such a specific and inspirational manner. I would certainly recommend this seminar to the churches of the Convention.” – Pastor Dan Aanderud

Missional Impact (MI)/Workplace Discipleship Initiative (WDI)

Local international churches own the spiritual equipping and development of their members, including preparing them for effective witness to those around them. Church member workplaces in cross-cultural settings offer powerful opportunities – and challenges – for doing so. Many church members understand the opportunity, but most find the challenges so daunting they don’t know where to start. Enter Missional Impact (MI), a collaborative effort of Christ-centered organizations and people partnering with international churches to equip global expat believers for effective cross-cultural disciple making wherever the Lord places them.

MI’s Workplace Discipleship Initiative (WDI) leverages mature marketplace professionals experienced in openly living out their faith to launch reproducing workplace discipleship movements within international churches. The experienced walk alongside less experienced as they learn to reflect Christ in and through their work. These in turn learn to reproduce themselves, discipling others in the same way they were discipled. MI consults with international church leaders, delivers vision-casting workshops and WDI launch events, and provides access to WDI resources and tools to fuel local reproduction of workplace / whole-life discipleship.

For more information, contact Darren Ho: [email protected]


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