General Secretary Search Committee Working

Apr 26, 2019

The General Secretary Search Committee met on 20 February to continue moving forward in the search for the next general secretary of the International Baptist Convention. The group worked on developing questions and creating ways to receive feedback from various groups within the IBC.  As a result, churches, IBC leadership, and staff have heard from the committee asking for their input and response.  The input from within the IBC is crucial to the profile development process.

Using videoconferencing, the committee will be meeting every few weeks to work through the process of selecting the next general secretary. In between meetings members will do work individually and report back to the team.

As the team continues to meet, they will move through a series of stages, including develop a profile, publish the position/gather resumes, narrow the field, conduct a local visit, and present a candidate to the convention.

Team members are Nick Howard, team leader, (Wiesbaden, Germany), Jendi Korpi (Panama City, Panama), Danilo Bozza (Naples, Italy), Rodrigo Assis da Silva (Frankfurt, Germany), Scott Corwin (Berlin, Germany), Parker Windle (Paris, France), and Dina Dreessen (San Jose, Costa Rica).

Jendi Korpi

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