Global Missions Offering: Declaring God’s Glory among the Nations

Dec 16, 2019

EBMI Partnership

Thirty percent (30%) of the Global Missions Offering also supports our partnership with European Baptist Mission International (EBMI) and the Baptist Alliance of Turkey.  Ertan and Marlene Cevik pastor the church in Izmir (biblical Smyrna).

Like some of our IBC churches, Izmir is a city with lots of students.  Many of these students are coming to the church with questions about faith.  Some of these students become believers. 

The church in Izmir is also trying to reach the business community.  One way they do that is to hold business breakfast meetings for Muslim businessmen.  In addition to a traditional breakfast, they share a message of hope.

The church also sponsors a young adult camp each summer (see related post here).

Ministry of Adana Baptist Church, Turkey

Thirty percent (30%) will go to support IBC Aid and the refugee ministry of the Adana Baptist Church, Turkey, and their outreach to refugees.  They share the following prayer points:

  • Pray for Sükrü and Petirina Onbasilar, pastor couple of the church.
  • Pray for the Alliance of Baptists in Turkey and their 7 churches – Samsun, Ordu, Sinop, Istanbul, Izmir-Buca, Ismir-Menemen, Adana.
  • Pray for church leaders to live faith-based lives as an example to their families and communities.
  • Pray for the young leaders in the churches.
  • Pray for unity and for the Lord to help the churches spread the good news in Turkey’s different areas.
  • Pray for the newly baptized persons – for their security from persecution and from the enemy’s attacks.


IBC Missions Project Kainos

Forty percent (40%) of the offering will go to help an IBC missions project.  This year the money will support Kainos, a ministry started by David and Lana Packer of the International Baptist Church, Stuttgart, Germany.

Kainos was founded with the mission to end human trafficking and restore victims of sexual exploitation right in the heart of the sex tourism hotspot of Europe. They exist to love the broken and to journey with them to a new life.

The aim of Kainos is to help girls reach this new life emotionally through counseling, professionally through job training, intellectually through specially designed classes, and socially through healthy relationship models. It is their greatest hope to see each woman turn from their past of guilt and shame and to walk confidently with Christ as a new creation.  Their driving passion is to see them become “free to be new.”





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