GMO2022 to Declare His Glory among the Nations

Dec 8, 2022

The IBC’s 2022 Global Missions Offering will go to help people in three different continents – South America, Africa, and Europe.  In doing so, we will help to “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples” (Psalm 96:3).

Partnerships:  Reaching Pomeranians in Brazil (EBMI Project)

Following two years of “radio silence” due to the pandemic, Valério and Sandra Kurth, are once again broadcasting messages of hope to the Pomeranians living in Brazil.  Each week, a worship service as well as “The Daily Gift” are broadcast on two radio stations in the Pomeranian language.  They are also using Facebook and WhatsApp to distribute the messages.  These messages are a blessing to those who listen and are reaching believers and non-believers.  One listener recently asked that the audio messages be resent to her because she had lost them and friends were asking for them.

Pomeranians live in a bleak, mountainous area of Brazil, suffering from great poverty and with no perspective.  They are heavily influenced by superstition and the occult.  They speak their own Pomeranian dialect with many not speaking Portuguese at all.


IBC Missions: Sustainable Living in Lesotho

For several years now, North Sea Baptist Church, Stavanger, Norway, has been working with Touch Me Lord Ministries to minister to the poor in South Africa and the Kingdom of Lesotho.  Last year they helped to build a multipurpose center in Van Royen.  The center is used for a church on Sundays and for other ministries throughout the year.  The money from this year’s GMO will be used to install electricity and purchase a stove and refrigerator and provide support for the first year of ministry.  Ministries include a soup kitchen; medical supply, clothing, shoe, and Bible distribution; leadership training; youth outreach; and food parcel distributions.  The ministry and church already have plans in place to become self-sustaining after the first year.


IBC Aid: Ongoing Ministry to Ukraine

The war in Ukraine continues and so does the work with Ukrainian refugees within our IBC churches.  Our IBC Aid this year will go to support IBC Bucharest in three areas of need:

  • Ukrainian Ministry: purchase wood, stoves, medical supplies, and winter supplies such as potatoes, onions, and blankets.
  • Moldovan Ministry: help Moldovan churches purchase wood for heating in southern Moldova.
  • Nepalese Ministry: support evangelistic outreach to the Nepalese community in Bucharest.



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