Hoensbroek, The Netherlands

Aug 19, 2020

“Where we have seen God at work in our church through coronavirus”

Since 15 March, our Sunday church service at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Hoensbroek, The Netherlands, has been tremendously changed from physical meeting to live streaming via internet. All our church programs were totally changed into social distancing to be able to continue serving and functioning as a church body. We experienced God’s provision, His way, and His time in our church:

  • Sunday service being followed through live stream (via internet). Surprisingly, many people became part of this weekly Sunday service, local and abroad. Thanks to our three church members who faithfully came and helped with the technical support, Pastor David Harsdorf could still preach every Sunday.
  • Our weekly (Tuesday) Ladies Bible Study (which ended two weeks ago) was joined by two different churches online (via Zoom). We experienced some adjustments on how to communicate and study together as a group, taking turns to talk and having time to pray for each other.
  • Fellowship through Zoom — our way to stay connected with each other.

On 5 July, three months after the lockdown began, our church celebrated the Lord’s Supper in a physical Sunday service with 38 people in our church building. It was also simultaneously followed by other church members via live stream from their home.

We at EBC are thankful for having a church family that, no matter what the situation and the uncertainties we experienced these past months, could stay connected and fellowship with one another — near or far.

Menchie Bolk

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