Kirby is New Strengthening Churches CSD

Apr 18, 2023

Brian Kirby was elected as the new Strengthening Churches Core Strategy Director at a special business meeting, held 20 March during the IBC’s Ministry Leadership Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

Brian will be taking over from Dan Maxton who has filled the role for the past two years. 

Brian has had a long history with the IBC and is well known by many. His involvement and love for the IBC began in 1993 as he served at Emmanuel International Church in Paris as youth minister. He returned to EIC and Paris from 2003-2010 as the senior pastor. 2014 brought him back to Europe; this time to work with the IBC for three years in planting Rome International Church. Over the years, he has served in the IBC leadership through a variety of roles, including the youth team and Euroventure.

In addition to his years with IBC churches, Brian has been involved in numerous schools, churches and ministries. Since 2018, he has been on the pastoral leadership team at Community Church in Ashburn, Virginia, in a variety of roles that has made use of his gifts and talents.

Brian and his wife Denise have recently relocated to Berlin, Germany, and the day before the meeting he was called to be the pastor at IBC Berlin.  Brian is passionate about the IBC fulfilling its vision and mission of strengthening the churches of the Convention and welcomes the opportunity to be a core strategy director.

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