Missions Opportunities Available

Sep 24, 2018

Looking for a way to get involved with hands-on missions with an IBC connection?  Here are two ways we know about.

South Africa

Bruce and Shirley Davies (formerly of IBC Zürich) have requested, through Missions Europa network, a missions team to help them with outreach through their ministries. They are looking for

  • Team of 6 – 8 for pilot project
  • Duration: 5 to 7 days arriving on a Saturday.
  • Possible arrival dates: 13, 20, or 27 October
  • Activities
    • Meet the sponsoring churches on Sunday
    • Visiting and ministering in homes with the pastors during the week
    • Visiting School assemblies, old age homes, prisons

For more information contact Scott Corwin at connections@ibc-churches.org

Lesbos, Greece

 Rodrigo Assis da Silva (Multination Church, Frankfurt, Germany) and All4Aid are looking for volunteers to serve in a refugee camp in Lesbos, Greece.  The refugee camp in Lesbos is a crisis area where more than 7,000 refugees live in a space planned for 2,000 people.

Working with an on-the-ground Greek Christian NGO, the volunteers will help to support the camp management, assisting refugees from the time they arrive in the camp and throughout their stay.

Some of the tasks include:

  • Welcome newly arrived refugees, serving them food and water and providing them with a hygiene kit, blanket, and a set of clothes;
  • Help with the puzzling task of housing refugees in tents and ISO boxes according to their nationalities in a place which is already overcrowded;
  • Help with the camp maintenance in any necessary way, such as setting up tents, cleaning toilets, and picking up rubbish from the ground;
  • Help with sorting out clothes and other goods at the warehouse;
  • Support any special event as scheduled such as concerts or craft sessions for women
  • Stand at the info point to answer questions and give out rope, tools, diapers, and other items;
  • Secure the gates giving access to where the most vulnerable people are housed (minor boys, single women, disabled).

Cost is 450€ per person which includes 12 nights accommodation in a studio apartment in Lesbos, shared by two volunteers; transportation to/from the airport; and registration fee for camp access ID.  Transportation to and from Lesbos is not included.  You are responsible for your own flight.  Meals will be at your own expense as well.

Trips are planned for 21 October – 2 November, 4-16 November, and 18-30 November.

For more information, please see www.all4aid.org. To apply to go as a volunteer, please email info@all4aid.org.

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