Partnering Together to Touch Lives

Apr 26, 2019

Oskars Lusis is one of the church planters supported by the International Baptist Convention through its partnership with the European Baptist Federation’s Mission Partnerships.  Lusis, his wife, and two small children serve in Olaine, Latvia.  Having graduated from the Baltic Pastoral Institute in May last year, he has been able to serve full-time as a church planter since then.

Summertime means camp time in Olaine.  Lusis along with some outside help organized four different camps – a camp for kids and their foster families; an art, music, fun camp for kids; a Christian-focused camp for families; and a Vacation Bible School (first time in the area). 

The art, music, fun camp for kids was an overnight camp with the kids staying in tents. Linard, a young boy attending this camp, asked the group to pray for his uncle who was working in the U.K. and had been found unconscious in his flat.  The camp prayed for Linard’s uncle and the next day, they got the message that he was well enough to go home.  Afterwards Linard’s mom wrote to thank the group for praying and she volunteered to do crafts at the autumn Vacation Bible School.

That is what these camps are all about – touching lives with the hope of Jesus Christ.  Lusis is hoping that through our partnership, IBC churches will volunteer to help with their two different Vacation Bible Schools (see related post here).  They need two teams – one for summer and one for autumn.

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