Authentic Manhood: 33 The Series

The “33 Series” is a 6 volume set of 6 week videos (so 36 weeks if so desired) on the topic of what a biblical “Authentic Man” looks liked based off of the 33 years of Jesus’ life.

The 33 series covers 6 topics (A man’s “design,”  A man’s “story”/healing for his past wounds, “Traps/Temptations”, Work, Husband, Father) through video formate (either DVD or digital downloads), hosted by 3 different men. The videos are 30 mins long, with guide book and discussion questions for each week. The design is to watch the videos and then break into discussion groups.   The videos are high quality, with an arrangement of teachings, stories, action scenario, and cameo appearance of well known Christians giving their testimonies throughout.  The guide book has a mixture of fill in the blank, extra stories and testimonies, good discussion questions, that end each week asking men to write down “action steps”.


  1. Josh Ramsay, Frontline Community, Ramstein, Germany

    – This material is very relevant to Western/American men (also a “con”). The first 6-week volume does a great job of explaining what an “Authentic Man” looks like based on biblical definitions and the life of Christ. The videos are engaging, well put-together, and thought-provoking and provide a lot of material for discussion. Their definition of manhood is one who “accepts responsibly, rejects passivity, leads courageously, and invests eternally.”

    – The first six weeks makes strong connections to Jesus’ 33 years on earth and how he lived out “Authentic Manhood,” comparison of “first and second Adam,” the use of the bible for explaining the role of men, and sharing the need of salvation through Christ at a basic level for those unfamiliar with the gospel.
    – The videos keep things basic enough and engaging enough for men who are not “churched” men.
    – The material covers a wide range of topics that cover the issues of life from a man’s past, his temptations, his relationships, and his future.
    – Great for men who are “seekers” or new believers to understand Christian principles.
    – Easy set up. Not much preparation needed.
    – Creates a good atmosphere for discussion among men that helps create relationships.
    – The videos are ethnically diverse.

    – The videos start off strong in comparing Christ’s life on earth as an example of how he was the best example of the true authentic man, but by vol 2 there isn’t much reference to his life after that.
    – Very “American” friendly but may not connect with internationals as clearly. Has several U.S. military scenes in the introduction videos as well. (Uses American references and sports analogies)
    – Though very good series for the seeker or new believer, a mature Christian may find this lacking in deep Bible study material. This series helps people connect with Christian principles of manhood more than it does on a deep Bible study.
    – Cost of videos/workbooks/shipping could be a factor.

  2. Taylor Whitley, IBC Stuttgart, Germany

    This is a good resource to use to encourage men to find their identity in God’s definition of manhood. This series is taught by three different pastors from the US, which makes this series good for a church with largely U.S. or U.S. military personnel. Many of the international participants in our group struggled to grasp specific concepts that were very ‘American Centered.’ If you are a largely international group, I would recommend a different study for your group. If you are primarily U.S. military, this would be a great study for you.

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