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Immanuel Baptist Church, Wiesbaden, Germany, Children’s Ministry Team Leader, Roberta, and her co-reviewer, Raine, have been hard at work reviewing RightNow Media’s videos for kids.  Check out what they have found!

IBC has a subscription with RightNow Media which gives our churches free access.  If your church has not activated that yet or have questions, please contact us at resources@ibc-churches.org.

Overview: God Rocks:Cartoon Series

Children laugh and learn through the entertaining adventures of the God Rocks characters as they teach important life-lessons, based on Biblical truth. There are 15 sessions and each session is approximately 10 minutes.

Session 1: Chip Fights the Dragon
Chip discovers the power of the full armor of God in this medieval adventure rescue. The lesson is taken from Ephesians 6:10-11.

Overview: Seeds Family Worship

These videos are amazing for your kids! Your kids will enjoy amazing music videos while learning God’s Word.
Parents, if you choose Session 2, this is something you could do with your child(ren).

Session 1 Play ALL -music and lyrics only- 30 minutes
Session 2 Play ALL -music, lyrics, and hand motions- 24 minutes
Session 3-24 Individual songs-music and lyrics only-3 to 4 minutes

Overview: Sea Kids

These reviews may be perfect for kids as we weather through isolation at home. Freddy, David, Melissa, and their friends find themselves navigating the rough waters of peer pressure, temptation, fear, bullies, lack of self-esteem, and so much more. Each episode shows the characters praying to Jesus, asking Him for guidance and wisdom.

Each episode contains two different lessons. Each episode is 25 minutes

Episode 1:
“The Respect Effect” – Marcus falsely promises to teach David his bubble burst skill. As David waits to learn this skill, Marcus becomes a bad influence on David. Marcus, who wants nothing to do with “church kids,” openly disrespects his mother. David, who desires to be friends with Marcus, begins to adopt some of Marcus’ bad habits.

“Sharing is Caring” – Just like any siblings, twin sisters June and January, like to argue. When they are told they will have to share a bedroom, their arguing increases and on the backyard swing-set January is hurt. They learn loving each other and putting others first is most important.

Overview: Bibleman: Spoiling the Schemes of Luxor Spawndroth part 1

Luxor has created an addicting online video game that puts dozens of kids and even some parents in a trance! And since the game is online, Luxor doesn’t even have to be near the player to affect them. To help put his plan into action, Luxor is giving the kids free online game cards at the mall kiosk. How will the Bibleteam counter Luxor’s evil influence?

There are 3 sessions: Spoiling the Schemes of Luxor Spandroth part 1 and part 2, and Pulverizing the Plans of the Prince of Pride. Each session is approx. 13 min

Overview: Theo: Volume 1-God’s Love

With Theo, learning about God and who He’s called us to be, is easy and fun. Each lesson focuses on a spiritual topic that both entertains and teaches children about key aspects in the Christian faith. A parent’s guide and a Family Bible Study schedule are also included for free. Just click the download button for the free resources. Volume 1 consists of 3 sessions: Saving Faith, Loving Obedience, and Forgiveness. Each session is approx.10 minutes

Lesson 1: Saving Faith
Theo is an English theologian who teaches what it means to have genuine faith. Theo shares the story of Abraham to illustrate the life of a man who trusted the promises of God and walked by faith.

Overview: The Mr. Phil Show

The Mr. Phil Show has four seasons and is narrated by Phil Vischer. Mr. Vischer is also the co-creator of Veggie Tales. The Mr. Phil Show uses historical figures to emphasize biblical truths with the help of his animated friends, Emily the Elephant, Sam the Turtle, and Carlos, the singing hermit crab.

In Season 1, Episode 1, “Do What’s Right with Rosa Parks,” Emily and Sam take a trip in a time machine to the year 1955, where they meet Rosa Parks. They want to know how Ms. Parks became so brave. Ms. Parks said that we can be brave and stand up for what’s right because God is with us.

Each episode is approximately 25 minutes.

Overview: Ephesians: What is God’s Plan?

Ephesians is a series also created by Phil Vischer. Mr. Visher goes through Ephesians and explains the book of Ephesians in a kid-friendly way with the help of his trusted friends Emily the Elephant, Sam the Turtle, and Carlos, the Singing Hermit Crab. There are 15 sessions and each session is approximately 10 to 15 minutes. In 2½ hours, your child will learn the entire book of Ephesians!

Overview : Owlegories: The Sun

Owlegories is a series made up of different sessions that are approximately 15 minutes each. The series centers around a group of student owls and their many adventures. Through their adventures, the owls learn about nature, faith, and God. In this particular session, the owls are sent to the desert to find the Illuminator 3000 and the owls learn how God is like the sun (God is powerful like the sun, God’s Word gives light to guide us, and God gives life to us.)

The session ends with a recap of the life lessons/biblical truths that the owls learned. After the recap, there is a brief message from Tony Evans, who re-emphasizes the life lessons/ biblical truths. This series skillfully presents biblical truths that are easy for children to understand.

Overview : Superbook

Currently, Superbook is in its third season and is one of the most popular kids shows. Superbook teaches biblical truths and life lessons through the biblical adventures of a time-traveling brother and sister, Chris and Joy.  Their robot friend Gizmo, accompanies them on their biblical time travelling adventures. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes.

In the Beginning (Episode 1, Season 1) tells the story of Lucifer’s fall from heaven and then continues with the story of Adam and Eve. Younger viewers might find the serpent to be somewhat “scary looking”. At the end of the episode, children have an opportunity to learn a new song (The Salvation Poem) with video. This episode introduces children to the consequences of disobedience. Just be prepared to answer a lot of questions from your children.



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