San Jose, Costa Rica

Sep 24, 2018

The summer months often mean a downturn in attendance and participation in the life of the International Baptist Church, San Jose, Costa Rica. This has not been the case these last two months. Though we have had a number of people traveling and have said good bye to a few families that are relocating, our attendance and participation has remained very strong. We had our annual pre-teen and youth camp the first two weeks of July. This was the second year to offer two different camps. In total, 155 campers and leaders attended. Many decisions were made and a lot of young people were encouraged in their faith.

On the last Sunday of July, we hosted Houston’s First Baptist Church’s orchestra and choir who were touring the country. They led us in worship in our Sunday morning services. This was a group of approximately 100 people. Just making sure they fit in our sanctuary and that we would still have room for the many who came to one of our services was a challenge. In the end, we had just enough room for everyone. Both of our services were packed, and it was a really meaningful time of worship.

Paul Dreessen

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