Stuttgart, Germany

Dec 8, 2022

Change is in the air at IBC Stuttgart! For starters, we have a fresh new facility, a new and gifted pastor – Keith Lategan and family, and a new milestone reached in the churchwide strategic planning effort.  Our Mission, Vision, and Values Team took on the exciting task of developing the new governing statements that will provide a clear picture of where our church is headed as well as provide an understanding of our means to get there.

The Mission, Vision, and Values Team met over the course of nine months during late 2021 through spring 2022 to explore the dynamic study of vision, mission, and values and to develop statements that reflect God’s plan for the church.  This intense study allowed for multiple perspectives and interpretations of the aspects of the foundational statements, which made us thoughtfully ponder: What does God want to accomplish in the lives of people at IBC Stuttgart, Europe, and beyond? In essence we sought to cultivate a reflection of the faith and culture alive in the members of IBC-S and the spiritual home we offer to the community who may enter our doors. After a time of much prayer, the consensus was reached for the following statements:      

  •  Our Vision: Growing in Christ, growing his kingdom.
  • Our Mission: As followers of Jesus Christ, we love, reach, and serve our communities by providing a spiritual home for people of all nations, empowering them to share Jesus and to see lives transformed by His Spirit, for the glory of God.
  • Our Values:
    • Faithfulness to God’s Word and His mission
    • Love for God and people
    • Belonging to the local family of God
    • Unity in Christ
    • Servant-mindedness in leadership, service, and relationships

What is up next at IBC Stuttgart? The 2023 strategy will focus on building both evangelism and discipleship into the DNA of our church.  With the help of our Lord, we will be an evangelizing and discipling church, in step with the momentum God provides to realize our new vision, mission, and values.  To God be the glory!

Marcy Schelly & Jeremy Fairbass

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