Stuttgart, Germany

Sep 24, 2018

“The best days of IBC Stuttgart are ahead of us.” These are the words Pastor David Packer repeatedly states as we move closer to the construction of a new building.

Nearly seven years ago, the International Baptist Church of Stuttgart, Germany, began praying for a new building. On Sunday 22 July, God blessed us with a great ‘spatenstich’ or groundbreaking ceremony.

After the second service, we gathered outside to celebrate with snacks and sekt. Pastor David said a few words, and he together with Jimmy Martin, the IBC building committee, and the general contractors symbolically broke the ground of the new building. It was a beautiful celebration of God’s goodness and faithfulness in this congregation.

Over the coming weeks and months, our church will be a construction zone. The temporary entrance is now behind the building. We no longer have a parking lot on site. Many of our programs and ministries will adjust during this time. But we do so with joy, trusting that the Lord will use this investment of a new building to reach future generations for Christ.

Perhaps the Lord is calling your church to take a great step of faith. Maybe it’s a new building, the hiring of a new staff member, or a significant change in your structure. Though there will be challenges and difficulties, we must be willing to lead our churches into God’s will to reach the nations for Christ.

Therefore, let us submit to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, trusting God to use our efforts for His glory. May it be said of every church in the International Baptist Convention, “The best days of the IBC are ahead of us.”

Taylor Whitley

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