by Tim Faulkner

General Secretary

The Potential to Turn Our World Upside Down

Apr 18, 2023

The Ministry Leadership Conference in Lisbon delivered what IBC leaders love. We enjoyed significant conversations with people that we love. Even more, we were blessed by exegetical preaching with good application. By leading us through the development of the church in the book of Acts, Ralph Cunnington was able to keep us centered in the gospel while explaining the characteristics of international churches that impact their host communities and beyond. Ralph serves a church that is as international as many of our churches, and like us, he desires to reach the nations by sending out disciple-makers.

Ralph doesn’t just talk about it. He is doing it. I appreciated Ralph’s examples and reminders from Scripture. We must continually examine ourselves and our churches to see that we are aligned to God’s purposes and godly practices. Our churches have great potential to reach the world for Christ. The cultures that we live in desperately need the good news that we bring. At the same time, we must remain vigilant regarding the spiritual life and ministry of leaders, as well as the health of local congregations. We minister out of our own weakness and are prone to let our guard down. It was good to be reminded of the struggles associated with following Christ and making disciples. In the meantime, we are reassured that we can trust God to do His work and to do it through people like us that He has called to serve Him.

In the IBC, we have a particular context and I see that many of our churches have potential to turn the world upside down. We have been entrusted with English-speaking, international congregations strategically placed around the globe and reaching the majority of nations in our world. Because of our context, we have great potential to impact our world with the gospel. As we deepen our love for God and His Word and respond obediently as He leads, we look forward to what God will do.

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