JimmyMartin-1compressedAn IBC Welcome from the General Secretary Greetings from our 62 English language churches and church plants located in 24 nations of Europe, Africa, Central and South America, and the Middle East.

Every week, we experience a foretaste of heaven as people from all over the world gather for worship, ministry, discipleship, and fellowship; then scatter to be God’s people on their jobs, and in their homes and schools. Each person truly brings a meaningful expression of the body of Christ.

IBC churches are diverse. Some of our churches are largely American, perhaps military-related families. Others are international business or diplomatic corps families and individuals. Some are students and refugees from all over the world. Most are a combination of some or all these types of people, plus nationals from the country where the church serves. Altogether, we have well over 140 nations represented in our churches. In our churches, you will find “red and yellow, black and white” to be truly “precious in His sight.” We celebrate the diversity of the body of Christ.

IBC churches have a unique niche among evangelical churches. We are made up of CNN people–mobile, world-citizens from around the globe. In fact, IBC churches have an international flavor that opens doors to reach people that national churches often do not reach. Many of those people are won to Christ and discipled in an IBC church, and then return to their home country as ambassadors for Christ with an enthusiasm for evangelism. It is amazing to see the kaleidoscope of spiritually lost people who find Christ in our churches, and who leave as global Great Commission followers of Christ.

IBC churches are Baptist, but have members and regular participants from all stripes of Christianity. We are learning to become Acts 2 churches that emphasize the fundamentals of preaching, teaching, sharing, praying, worshiping, discipling, and witnessing. We desire to impact our communities and world with the life-changing message (Good News) of Jesus Christ. IBC churches are Christian families striving to live out the clear command of Christ that we love one another. In a time where Christians in many places cannot seem to get along, individually and collectively we place a priority on unity so that the world can see that Christ’s power to unite us is truly greater than our enemy’s power to divide us. We are grateful that God has kept us free of the “lesser things” that often divide Christian groups.

IBC churches are missionary churches. We passionately believe that the Good News of Jesus Christ is worth sharing. We work together to start new churches, as well as to strengthen our existing churches. We have a vision of multiplying our churches so that more people can hear the Gospel and come to know God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe Christ is truly the best–the only–answer to the questions that people are asking today. The Bible is not only to be believed, but also to be lived and shared because it points us to Christ and God’s truths that bring meaning and purpose in life.

The churches of the IBC greet you. We would love to hear from you. Write me at gs(at)ibc-churches.org

Jimmy Martin

Frankfurt, Germany