IBC churches are Baptist in doctrine and affiliation and are similar to Baptist churches found on every continent. Some important beliefs of Baptists are:

    • God manifests Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Jesus Christ is the only Savior of people.
    • The Bible is the inspired Word of God and the guide of our faith and practice, thus eliminating the need for a creed.
    • All church members affirm their personal faith in Christ.
    • All believers have direct access to God.
    • Baptism is by immersion for believers only.
    • All people are entitled to religious liberty without coercion.

In addition to Baptists, the churches also welcome Great Commission Christians — individuals who have confessed Christ as Savior and Lord and are committed to obedience to the Great Commission. These Christians come from denominations which have not established many English-language churches overseas. They are encouraged to participate in the worship, life, fellowship, ministries, and support of the church. They are requested to refrain from attempts to change the doctrine and affiliations of the church.

IBC churches are autonomous in government, with each developing its own constitution, bylaws, and Statement of Faith. They cooperate with other churches to more effectively develop unity in the Body of Christ, disciple believers, evangelize unbelievers, promote Christian missions, and engage in fellowship.

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