Women’s Conference: Only in Christ are We Unshakeable

Apr 26, 2019

He is my fortress, I will never be shaken.” (Psalm 62:2)

A weekend at the Rehe Christian Centre, nestled in the middle of the woods with a captivating landscape of the still beauty of nature, was a spiritual treat to the mind and soul as we meditated on the inspirational theme “Unshakeable!” An interesting and enthusiastic group of approximately 220 international women from all parts of the world took part in the conference. The conference was a spiritual breakthrough in understanding the core message that “Only in Christ are we Unshakeable!”

The three days were interesting and entertaining, focusing on the Word of God through music, seminars, testimonies, prayer time, and fellowship with sisters in Christ. It was a time to detach ourselves from the daily routine and immerse ourselves into a “spiritual spa.”  Our hearts were calmed down in the presence of God the Father as we sang praises to Him; our minds were enriched with the wisdom of His Word as we dived into the pool of His unshakeable truth; and our souls were rejuvenated by the Holy Spirit. 

Worship music, led by the talented team of Nicola Munster, Naldy Veldhuis, Wendy Penggu, and Esther Garcia, was spirit filled as we poured out our hearts in worshipping the sovereign Lord who is worthy of all our praises. 

Kim Blackaby, our speaker for this conference, is a Christ-follower, pastor’s wife, middle school teacher, mom to three great kids, and  student of God’s Word.  She has served in churches both in Canada and Norway and has a passion to teach women how to draw the life-giving water necessary to lead spiritually and emotionally healthy lives.  Kim leads the women’s ministries in her church and speaks at various women’s events, both in Canada and internationally.  

Kim walked us through different sessions focusing on the truths of how to be unshakeable when the world around us is constantly changing and the ground beneath us is unstable and shaking.  We are left with questions such as……What do you hold on to in tough times?  What is the foundation of your life?   What do you believe?  Why do you believe?  How do you come to that conclusion?  Do we have answers for these questions?  What do these questions mean to someone who does not believe in God?

Christ is the answer to our questions.  He answers the biggest questions in life.  Jesus is our strong foundation, and we can be secure in His arms. 

Unshakeable Identity

Sometimes we have an identity crisis, asking the question “Who am I? The world is obsessed with identity. Do we clearly know who we are?  Are we totally confused? We get our identity from our creator.  We women are created in the image of God, to rule over creation alongside men as partners in a joint commission.  We are “EZER.”  This Hebrew word means helper, but it strongly emphasizes one who supplies strength and performs vitally important and powerful acts of rescue and support.

Unshakeable Presence

When the family of Lazarus were mourning his death (John 11), they knew whom to call upon for help – Jesus.  In a broken world we will experience pain and suffering and often it’s not our fault.  Being a Christ follower does not mean that we are not part of tragedy and pain.  We can call on the One who loves us.  We are unshakeably loved.  He sees our pain and hears our cry.  If we pay attention, God will remind us that “He sees us.”  His purpose is not to cause us pain, but He can make the pain purposeful.  When we take our questions to Jesus, He personalises His response to us.  God’s ways are not our ways.  His timing is not our timing.  When we trust and have faith in Him, He will show up for us!

Unshakeable Future

Our unshakeable future is believing in Christ and looking forward to eternal life with Him in Heaven.  He has promised to prepare a place for us in heaven, free from curse and sin. Our death on earth is just the beginning of the bigger story of life eternal in heaven, where we can walk on streets of gold and be part of the Holy City!

There were five seminars offered for spiritual enrichment:  Restoring Kingdom of Vision of what God can do through Women in the Church by Lana Packer, Gladness in the Gloom by Naty Tully, Managing Conflict Effectively by Didi Oprenova, Five Love Languages by Carol Griffin, and Developing a Deeper Prayer Life by Hope Stockman.

The seminars highlighted several aspects of our walk with the Lord in our daily life situations. They helped us focus on love, relationships, being a woman of purpose by serving Him in different ways, restoring peace and dealing with conflict with the wisdom from God, and spreading the fragrance of Christ among others.

This conference has been a blessing to all who attended in understanding the Christ-centered unshakeable truths on which to build our foundation! 

Leena Sundaram, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Hoensbroek, The Netherlands

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