Planning for Leaders

If you are interested in serving with us as a leader at Euroventure, here are a few things that you may need to know.


Who are we looking for to serve at Euroventure?

We are looking for people who are committed to student ministry and ideally are already serving, or desire to serve soon, in their local church. In fact, we want Euroventure to serve as an extension of the ministry you are already providing at your local church. That means that if you are a college student who is looking for a fun week in Switzerland with no duties, this is not the right camp for you. But if you’re looking to dedicate some time and energy this summer, to really pour into and invest in the lives of students, we want you to come and serve with us this year at Euroventure.


What are leaders’ tasks?

We would like for you to be involved in all facets of camp, to include the background service, which is security detail, helping students to keep their rooms and bathrooms clean, but also actively being involved in the daily Bible studies and team times. Some of you will be leading these times, and others of you will be encouragers along the side. In the afternoons, when we have choice recreation, we would like you to be available to ensure that the students can have a wonderful time. We require that groups leave camp with a leader, so we want all leaders to be available to bring the youth to the various activities. We count on the adults to make camp happen.


What is expected of the leaders?

The basic expectation we have is that you should have the attitude of Christ. Christ came to serve and not to be served, and we expect you to come to camp to serve and not to be served. We want to be involved in the lives of the students; we want to be excited about all the various activities and lessons in camp; we want to be participating in all of the events and showing encouragement to students; and we want to get them excited about the programs. Who knows, you might change the entire course of a student’s life as a result of being there.


What is a typical day of camp?


Leaders meeting in the morning to prepare and pray for the day ahead

Morning celebration, where we hear the first Bible lesson of the day and worship through song.

Team times help us reflect on the morning lesson as well as help us grow as a group through different challenges and preparations.

Workshops will be various themed lessons taught by different leaders, that are in addition to the theme of the week.


Choice recreation allows students time to experience all that Switzerland has to offer.


The evening “Euromania” begins with exciting team challenges and then ends with worship and a message.

At the end of the day, students respond to the day through their community times and finally get to have some free time within the camp area.

We will be offering online training for Euroventure leaders, especially for first-time leaders before camp starts.  We will send a link to the training to all leaders who have registered by those dates.  If you are interested in finding out more before registering, please email the youth team at to receive an invitation to the training.

Don’t forget to check out our Frequently Ask Questions page to find out what to bring or what choice recreation options are available.

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