For Parents

Euroventure is a camp where we care about your students. We have college students and leaders from the United States and Europe who are trained and ready and excited to care for and walk with your students as they learn about faith. We have Bible study opportunities, worship times, community building teams, which all help to develop an atmosphere where students can come and are able to instantly tear down walls of communication, and can quickly become friends, sometimes even friends for life!

Whether you come from a church with a lot of students, or from a church where your student is the only representative, when they come to camp, they seem to instantly connect with others, as there are a lot of intercultural kids who find themselves in similar situations. It is a very international summer camp! We believe students have found a sense of community here, as they travel from all over the world to come to camp.

We have many great activities such as hiking, swimming, mini-golf, bouldering, shopping, and more!

Each morning and evening we have relevant and exciting worship and a message geared for teens. This year, our theme is Unplugged, and we will be looking at Matthew 11:28-30 and what it means to unplug from the busyness of life and find rest in Jesus.  We feel this is a topic that all students can relate to!

Sign up your student, so that they can come and experience a great time at Euroventure.

We take the safety and welfare of your students seriously.  That is why we have adopted this Youth Protection Policy.


Still have questions?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Also, please see this list of expectations and rules we have for the students during the week.  Please review this list of expectations with your child.

If you still have questions, contact us at [email protected]


In the past few years as electronic communication has increased, we have noticed more cell phones and ipods at camp.  This year we would like to offer a week without the distractions of electronics.  We would like to encourage that campers bring as few electronic devices as possible.  We will ask the adult leaders to lock up the devices during the week.  Please let your child know to expect this.

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