People are not developed by accident. Maybe no one knows that better than leaders of the international church. The transient nature of our churches makes us painfully aware of our need to be extremely intentional in developing the members of our congregations. 

Intentional Multiplication

The ability to multiply key skills, information, processes, and values throughout an organization is crucial to its ability to thrive and grow long-term. The Intentional Multiplication tool highlights four specific strategies for multiplication including: Informing, Training, Coaching, and Apprenticeship. We should be employing each one to some degree in our organization because each one has a different value in developing the people in our organization. These benefits are listed under the name of each strategy. Also listed is the size of group for which each strategy is effective in delivering these benefits. Lastly, the arrows on the left illustrate the level of structure and relational access each strategy provides. For example, Informing activities like webinars, all-hands meetings, or company announcements are highly structured, one-way communications that provide Consistency, Inspiration, and Efficiency when done well. On the other hand, Apprenticeship requires the least amount of structure and formal time, but it provides the greatest amount of relational access and depth required to really transform a person into the high performing individual they need or want to be. 

Our people need all of these investments to grow their abilities and elevate our organizations. But the question is – are we doing these things intentionally? Most of us are not, and we’re missing out on some important benefits. All of us have natural preferences for what we enjoy and what we’re good at in terms of these four strategies – and that’s ok. But if we want to build a strong, healthy, high performing culture that can scale, then we need to build an intentional plan to provide for these needs at every level of our organization.

Church Multiplication Network:

Please join us for our next Church Multiplication Network online gathering as we consider Intentional Multiplication within our congregations.

Please join us at 3pm (Frankfurt) 8am (Panama), Tuesday the 11th of July.

Your Church Multiplication Leadership Team looks forward to seeing you!

And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.

2 Timothy 2:2 NIV

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