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Our Christian faith is a relationship, a relationship with Jesus. That relationship began and continues to grow in conversation with him. It’s a glorious reality that the God of all creation talks with us!God wants to include each and every believer in the conversations he’s having with those he seeks to redeem. He wants us to join the conversation!We are often good at “casual” conversation, but our challenge is to take these conversations from the casual to meaningful. And then take the meaningful conversation to spiritual that leads to discovery of who Jesus is. 

A good example of this is found in John 4:4-26, when Jesus encounters the woman at the well. Here we see Jesus take the conversation with the woman from casual (needing a drink of water), to meaningful (talking about living water), to spiritual (springs of water welling up to eternal life). In each transition, Jesus used a statement or question to see if the woman was open to going deeper.

These statements led the woman to discover truth, to discover Jesus. Rather than Jesus telling the woman who he was and why she should follow him, he engaged her in a spiritually intentional conversation that allowed her to discover him for herself.

Remember, it is God’s role to prepare people’s hearts to hear and respond to him – it is simply our role (blessing!) to join him in the conversation.


Conversation Quadrants

Conversation Quadrants is a simple framework to help us be more intentional in our conversations.

Church Multiplication Network:

Please join us for our next CMN online gathering as we learn more about “Conversation Quadrants” to help us more readily and effectively join in the conversation. 

Please join us at 3pm (Frankfurt) 9am (Panama), Tuesday the 14th of March.

Your Church Multiplication Leadership Team looks forward to seeing you!

God invites you to join the conversation.

“Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. 

My Father will honor the one who serves me.”  John 12:26 (NIV)

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