Ten Tuesdays till Christmas!

It’s only October and I’m already bringing up Christmas. Too soon? 

There’s been Christmas merchandise in the stores since as early as August.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted on Facebook “Only 19 Fridays until Christmas!” She wasn’t being sarcastic. She literally loves Christmas time that much!

I love Christmas too! I’m already looking forward to celebrating the Christmas season, but there’s a voice in my head telling me to be careful. Be careful not to let the busyness of the season cause me to miss opportunities for the most important things…important ministry opportunities and important relationship opportunities.

In the time of year when there is so much talk and attention on so much that points to Jesus Christ, I don’t want to miss opportunities to tell people about him.

In the time of year that can be extremely busy for those of us in ministry, I don’t want to be so busy serving Him that I miss out on being with Him. 

In the time of year where a lot of my focus will be on presents, I don’t want to miss out on opportunities for presence…presence with the ones I love, and the ones God brings into my life.

So how can we be both PRODUCTIVE (in ministry) and PRESENT (with Jesus and people), especially in the upcoming busy Christmas season?

The 5 Gears is a simple tool that can help us be both productive AND present. Like a stick shift on a car, the 5 Gears helps us understand how to get into the right Gear at the right time, and communicate that to those around us. When and how do we create the time and focus needed to do our work well? When and how do we focus on the relationships that are important to us? Learning to schedule our Gears and intentionally shifting well between them allows us to bring our best to each relationship and role in your life. 

Church Multiplication Network:

Please join us for our next Church Multiplication Network online gathering as we consider how we can use the 5 Gears tool to be both productive and present during the upcoming Christmas season.

Check out this 5-minute video about the 5 Gears to get a head start on our time together next week!

Please join us at 3pm (Frankfurt) 8am (Panama), Tuesday the 11th of October.

Your Church Multiplication Leadership Team looks forward to seeing you!


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