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The Follow Bible Study by Andy Stanley is a 8-week video-driven study with accompanying participant’s guide including short devotions.  The study was written for those new to the faith who have basic questions regarding what it “really” means to believe in Christ and to want answers about how to apply the basic principles of following Christ on a daily basis.  It is also, however, a study for those who have been following Christ for a long time but have lost their passion or need a fresh look at Christianity.

Spiritual Content:  Key Verses

  • Session 1: Jesus came to call sinners.  It’s an invitation to a relationship with your Father in heaven.  Mark 8:34.
  • Session 2: Take your next step in following Christ.  Matthew 4:19
  • Session 3: Why are you so afraid?  John 16:33
  • Session 4: Loan your strength to others by asking God to give you compassion.  Colossians 3:12
  • Session 5: Salvation is free.  Following Christ will cost you something.  Mark 8:34
  • Session 6: Put aside your agenda but don’t fear.  Luke 22:42
  • Session 7: Leverage your authority for others to bring glory to God.  Mark 10:45
  • Session 8: To whom shall I go? Salvation is free.  Following Jesus will cost you something.  But refusing to follow Jesus could cost you everything.  John 6:69

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  1. Victoria Schenk, IBC, Stuttgart, Germany

    Andy has the gift of making everyone feel welcome by never assuming one’s overall knowledge or understanding of the teachings of the Bible — not even typical Bible studies. In doing so, he creates an environment that welcomes basic as well as complex questions, which result in fresh perspectives and real-life application.

    Andy speaks rather quickly, however, he repeats himself often. This still could be difficult for non-native English speakers.


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