Jen Wilkin

Jen Wilkin is a respected writer, speaker, and Bible teacher and has written several books and studies that are available for purchase. However, through her downloadable resource site, she offers several free studies on different books of the Bible that can used for individual use or in a small group. The free studies offered are on James, Exodus, 1,2, & 3 John, Joshua, Judges, and Hebrews. In the workbook, the student answers questions to unpack and wrestle with the the text and discover application. Jen then teaches each passage in the accompanying audio guide which is to be used after completing the weekly homework.

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  1. Rachel Hendricks, Emmanuel International Church, Paris, France

    Jen Wilkin is passionate about women loving God with their hearts and minds and this is her main emphasis. In the study foreword she says, “You see, the Bible is not a book about self-discovery: it is a book about God-discovery. The Bible is God’s declared intent to make Himself known to us. In learning about the character of God in scripture we will experience self-discovery, but it must not the focus of our study. The focus must be God Himself.”


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