Love and Respect

Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerich is a course primarily on Biblical marriage.  And while the seminar is on marriage, single women who did the study also enjoyed it.    It is scriptural and includes Scripture passages in the seminar.  Various formats are available to fit the needs of you as a couple or for a small group Bible study.  Workbooks are available for download or purchase. 

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  1. Debbie Kious-Hnat, Celle and Hannover IBCs

    There are various formats, but we chose to view a video every week for 10 weeks and then discuss the material together. We needed something with no homework or outside reading, so we did it that way, but you can also purchase books and conference workbooks. Our leader had a book, but nobody else bought one. The leader preparation was much less than in a normal Bible study, but the learning is still high!

    I highly recommend it as a seminar to help us get our marriages onto a Biblical track instead of the world’s track.


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